World Sofa Report – Episode 2 – Out of sociar credit

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Alongside with our permanent guest – the fluffy Chinavirus itself – we come in front of you once again for a long glance at the world news.

For starters, you should be wearing a muzzle while using the gloryhole. That’s the official recommendation of the Canadian government. And apparently nobody sees anything wrong with that coming from the party that whined for decades that the government shouldn’t be regulating what adults do in their bedrooms.

In the meantime, the United States continues to do what must be done – namely to ignore all the “world experts” and tell them to shove it as they are all not just worthless, but inherently dangerous to basic civilization. Obviously, the paid shills really don’t like this latest move from the White House. In the same trend, the White House also announced it would helicopter the “diversity trainings” calling them by their proper name: Instruments of extremist propaganda that are inherently harmful to the federal workforce and to the Nation itself.

We also get the first instance of the Sofa’s Witnesses – which is a process by which something discussed on the Sofa appears in a mainstream outlet afterwards. In the first episode we discussed why rushing vaccines through just because hypochondriacs and shills want to is inherently haram and anti-scientific in itself. Six days later, the CNN openly discussed this with even more examples. And the UN just released another report showing the most recent blunder in the vaccines department – this time in Sudan.

Regular people are also becoming smarter on this whole charade. Protesters in San Francisco organized as “angry salon customers” picketed Nancy Pelosy’s house after revelations that the Chinavirus bullshit rules are indeed just for the plebs while the nomenklatura continues to live normally. Targeting individual people rather than institutions is exactly the right way to do it because people hurt more than institutions. With this occasion, at the end of the podcast we provide a longer segment on how to organize pandemic protests, how to frame the messaging and how to pick your targets. Many protest movements failed or are failing because they don’t follow proper guidelines on community organizing.

In other news, the DOD uses latest data on the Chinese Military in order to drive the point home that the arms’ race in the new Cold War has to be taken seriously. Co-host Victor explains in great detail what that means.

Meanwhile, Russia turns inwards when it comes to its main geostrategic weapon: gas. This time around Gazprom wants to connect under-served Russian regions, in part as a way to quell some of the resentment accumulating in Khabarovsk and other regions.

And, finally, the German and European diplomacy seems to have found some balls on the Chinese question with Heiko Maas going tough on China in ways not believed possible 6 months ago and with a based Czech politician poking Xi Jinping in the Taiwanese Parliament.

These, and a few honque-generating topics are covered in a long episode, just enough to last for the upcoming break due to the local elections where we will apply some of what we talk about on the sofa in our own backyards.

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