Friends of the Sofa (blogroll)

The following media enterprises and/or individuals are endorsed by the Freedom Alternative Network.

While with many of those on this list we do hold friendly, warm and personal relationships, it is not the case with all. With some it’s just that their material is so good and very much in line with what we believe that we consider anyone following our work should also consider following them too.

The list is subject to change at any given moment. Of course we don’t agree with everything the people involved in the list have to say about everything. Nor we don’t have to. Vive la difference!

The list is ordered alphabetically.

1776 (unușapteșapteșase) [in Romanian]

1776 is a Romanian porject meant to bring the ideas of the Founding Fathers into the Romanian cyberspace.

They conduct interviews with authors, activists, business owners and they also provide in-house commentary on current local and global events from a distinctly US Constitutionalist perspective.

Find them at:
On Youtube:
On Facebook:


ACID Media [in Romanian]

Analysis and commentary outlet. Long format articles, primarily on geopolitics. Virulently anti-globalist and anti-totalitarian. Heavy focus on Law and jurisprudence.

Paul Pașcalău [in Swedish]

Commentary about Swedish politics, Swedish society and especially Swedish Law as Paul’s background is in Law. Lots of graphs and long analyses. All from a distinctly non-Leftist perspective.

Paul has been on the Sofa several times. Like here, and here.

Find him on Facebook.

Periscop [in Romanian]

News commentary, and reports from various events allover the world – but with a particular focus on the United States of America.

Many of our collaborators have also contributed to Periscop.


Political Zoomercast [in Romanian]

News commentary, interviews and reports from various events in Romania “by zoomers and for zoomers” as they say.

Find them on Youtube.


Remix News [in English]

Remix News is a news outlet based in Hungary that brings mainstream news from Hungary, Czechia, Poland and Slovakia (primarily) translated into English.

Find them at:

Romanian TVee [in English]

Romanian TVee (formerly known as veemonro and Vee) is the channel of Romanian vlogger that produces content exclusively in English.

Cultural commentary and sometimes economic commentary largely from a non-Leftist perspective.

Roughly once a year Vee comes over at the Sofa. See 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Find him on Youtube.

Die Weltraumaffen [in German]

Non-Leftist podcast about European politics, German society and the psyche of German-speaking peoples.

One of the hosts of Die Weltraumaffen has been on the sofa once.

Find them on Youtube.