Discord server guidelines

Discord server link: https://discord.gg/Xgb5HaKA85

The existence of a Discord server is a controversial issue even within the Network, due to the nature of the platform – both in terms of its rules and the kind of people it tends to attract.

Moderating a Discord server is tedious and risky in itself, hence the need for this page. The balance is a very tough one.

Membership on our Discord server is a privilege subjected to the approval of the community.


Everything you write on the server can easily be made public by any other user. As such, we promote this rule of thumb: Do not post any kind of information or opinion you are not willing to see on the front page of the New York Times tomorrow.

Freedom Alternative Network (henceforth the Network) does not take any responsibility for anything you post and takes no liability for anything deleted or not deleted on any channel of the Server.

Nothing posted on the Server represents the official position of the Network. We do archive everything.

Before you join

Joining the Server is a privilege and not automatic. Please make sure:

  • Your chosen displayed nickname does not consist of random letters and numbers and does not fit the pattern of a cryptocurrency bot or other automated spam
  • Your profile pic does not contain sexually suggestive imagery
  • You are willing to answer some questions

After you join

Once you join, you will land in a sandboxed group. There you will be greeted by a moderator anytime between three minutes and 24 hours.

Please bear in mind that the moderation team is all volunteers so please be patient.

The vetting process has a few absolute/hard rules and a few guidelines.

Hard rules:

  • Do not lie when answering the questions. Lies result in rejecting your application or revoking your membership should it be discovered at a later date.
  • Any connection with a trouble-making source results in your application being rejected. Do not engage in raids.
  • Ban evasion. If you’ve been banned, you don’t get to join with another account.


  • Please do not tag moderators. They will see you joining and they will see what you wrote.
  • No hurry. Please do not try to speed up the process. You will get a resolution to your application. What’s the rush?

After you’re vetted

Once you’ve been vetted, you will be granted access to most of the channels on the server. Here’s the set of rules you should bear in mind once you’re here:

  • Observe the channel topics. There are separate channels for a reason. This includes the language used as well. If unsure, ask. Disruption by using the wrong language or continuous off-topic derailment will result in revoking your privileges on that channel.
  • Do not disrupt the conversations. Changing the subject is usually fine. Disrupting the conversation by a dump of memes is most definitely not fine. LARP-ing can be fun, but within reason and limits. Repeated offenses may result in timeouts or fueling the helicopter.
  • #shitposting. If you must, then this is your channel. That’s where all random shit and memes go. Of course, that doesn’t mean all the rest of the channels are meme-free, but it does mean that you should be mindful of everyone else’s experience.
  • No shilling. Joining just to promote products or trying to scam members will earn you a well-deserved ban. It’s fine to post your opinions, but if the vast majority of your posts consist of shilling, you break this rule.
  • No NSFW content outside age restricted channels. And even then, please use the spoiler function for your message if it contains some media that is NSFW. This includes nudity, gore, animal abuse, lewd/suggestive imagery and other content in this semantic field. As a rule of thumb, if you have to ask, it’s probably NSFW. Breaking this rule escalated pretty fast to a ban.
  • No glorifying of mass killing events of any kind, past or present. This is almost insta-bannable offense. Just don’t.
  • Do not glowpost. Enough said.
  • No begging for passwords or access to Freedom Alternative exclusive content. There is a legitimate way of gaining access to that. Use that.
  • Juvenile behavior will be warned about, and if it isn’t cut out, the helicopter will be fueled and flown to the nearest sea.
  • Misbehavior in the voice channels leads to revocation of voice privileges. Think of the voice channels like of a pub or someone’s living room. If it doesn’t belong there, then it doesn’t belong in the voice channels either.

Please follow the warnings and indications of the moderation team.

Welcome, and have a nice chat!

Last update: March 12, 2023