About the website

This website exists primarily because the current climate of social media is insecure (from a discretion standpoint) and unfree (both from a free speech perspective and “free as in freedom”).

The purpose of the website is for broadcasting basic “what’s up?” type of information and also to serve as a public archive of news of interest and of the podcasts.


The “Blog” section of the website will be used primarily to broadcast longer announcements and occasionally breaking news – both in English and in Romanian.

At some point in the future, the format of the website may change to emphasize the “Blog” section. But, until then, most of the relevant announcements are available on the front page.

The Library

The Library is a perpetual “work in progress” with a view to serve both for our members and for those who appreciate our work as a repository of news of interest on controversial topics.

The reason the Library exists is because social media makes it impossible to hold a glossary. In addition to that, some of the links may have become haram on certain platforms. Hence the need to hold our own public glossary.

Should you want to submit an item to the Library, do not hesitate to contact us.


The website features no comment section anywhere. This is by design and it will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

The reason is pretty simple: Discretion and spam.

Moderating a comment section is hard work that serves no purpose for our members. In addition to that, it is a source of discretion breaches that is best to be avoided.

On top of that, opening up a comment section would either make us liable under GDPR or, alternatively, compel us to use a third party that would shoulder the liability at the cost of the users’ discretion. Neither of the trade-offs seem acceptable to us.


There are no ads and there will never be any ads in the traditional sense on this website. Precisely for reasons of discretion. Web-ads have become increasingly intrusive and we deem such intrusiveness unacceptable both for our members and for the public at large.

The closest thing to an ad that you might see at some point is sponsored content which, unlike ads, doesn’t infringe upon the discretion of the user.


The page “Podcast” is there for those who prefer the Romanian-language “Podcast de Week-end” show in audio format.

That may become members-only at some point. Speaking of which…

Members-only content

We are currently exploring our options on how to deliver members-only content via this website. On the table there is the option of a forum, the option of a members-only wiki (for raw knowledge) and a page or entire section with video scripts and audio bonus content accessible only to members.

No decision has yet been made and we are open to suggestions.