Public chat guidelines

Public chat Telegram link:

Ever since we decided on an idea of a public chat we knew management will be troublesome. However, we always erred on the side of freedom and applied on-the-fly sanctions in the very rare situations when that was needed.

However, that gradually became much more difficult with the emergence of crypto bots and other bots (pornography, scams, etc.). And that’s in addition to regular (and expected) trolling. As such, as of February 2023, to save the time of our volunteers, entry is no longer automatic. Please read these guidelines.


Everything you write on the public chat is public. It can be seen, shared, copied and redistributed by non-members. As such, we promote this rule of thumb: Do not post any kind of information or opinion you are not willing to see on the front page of the New York Times tomorrow.

Freedom Alternative Network (henceforth the Network) does not take any responsibility for anything you post and takes no liability for anything deleted or not deleted in the public group.

Nothing posted in the public group represents the official position of the Network.

Before you join

Joining the public network is a privilege and not automatic. Please make sure:

  • Your chosen displayed nickname does not consist of random letters and numbers and does not fit the pattern of a cryptocurrency bot
  • Your profile pic does not contain sexually-suggestive imagery

You think we made a mistake? Contact us with the Telegram username, the approximate period you tried to join and why do you think we should reverse the decision

After you join

As all public groups, it was turning into a free-for-all autism central where every conversation was interrupted by meaningless terminally-online memes, irrelevant pictures and lazy posting via audio files – which wrecked the experience of everyone else. As such, there are a few hard limits on the group and a few soft limits

Hard limits:

  • No image or video upload. Some exceptions for some users may be made on a case-by-case basis but don’t count on that. This is a group of adults. Adults speak in complete sentences, not in memes and 3-second clips.
  • No voice messages. At all. Ever. Not only does almost nobody listen to them, but they also interrupt the flow of conversation for everyone. It’s a group of adults. If you can’t be bothered to type your answer, then it’s probably not worth posting.
  • Everything posted in the group is automatically deleted after one month. We have no intention of keeping archives and we believe in the right to be forgotten. We also believe people can grow and change their minds and keeping permanent records of past off-the-cuff comments runs contrary to that.

Soft(er) limits:

  • To get around the ban on files, some users forward from other channels. Please do not abuse that function. It is allowed in order to easily share breaking news and other topics of interest. Repeated abuse will be sanctioned.
  • No terminally online topics. There are hundreds of thousands of Telegram groups dedicated to terminally online topics. This one is not one of them.
  • No WW2 discussions. At all. WW2 has become in itself a terminally online topic. Therefore, we’re not interested. The history of mankind is vast and complex and one single episode of it has been eating way too much time and attention. Enough!
  • Disagreement and insults are permitted within reason. Excessive name calling and obvious trolling will be sanctioned.
  • Excessive personal questions are discouraged. The group is not your therapy session or your career advisor. There’s private messages and paid private consultation for that. Speaking of which, please do not approach other members in private excessively. Complaints will be dealt with swiftly.
  • The Internet is your friend. Please do not ask questions whose answer is easily available on the Internet. The group is not your personal ChatGPT. This applies to questions related to the activities of this Network too. If it’s not on this website, then the information is not available for public consumption. If you want access to such information, please consider joining the Donors’ Circle.
  • No shilling of your channel. We don’t come to your channel(s) and group(s) to shill our content. We expect the same level of consideration.

The purpose of the public chat is for the participants to learn something new from time to time, share experiences and get updates from The Page. Anything that interferes excessively with that is discouraged.

Welcome, and have a nice chat!

Last update: February 21, 2023