We now know when the Intermarium/3SI Summit will be. Details here.

Current projects:

– Migrating the English-language channel on Bitchute (461 vids uploaded. 170 to go)

– Migrating as many of the supporters as possible away from Patreon

Funding the Intermarium Summit coverage

Videos currently in process:

– The Good News Video (two episodes)

– The Budapest Tax museum

– Recommending books

– The societal standard

– Understanding Dearborn, MI

– 5/10 things great in the USA

– 5/10 things that suck in the USA (zoning and tipping)

– Creating a safe space (literally, not in the Leftist sense)

– The anywheres vs. the somewheres

Recently finished projects/tasks:

– Got the new intro video out and updated the descriptions

– Moving away from censorious GoDaddy to free-speech-friendly Epik

– Lecture in Budapest (January 2019)

– Trip to Zimbabwe completed (February 2019)

The (geo)politics of Jordan

– Fully migrated the Romanian-language channel on Bitchute

– Getting on Revolut 




Podcast de week-end – ep. 70 – USR e în plus

Versiunea audio: http://s.go.ro/08jwl0gf Predicția noastră că USR va merge la braț cu Partidul Libertății, Unității și Securității s-a adeverit deja parțial, spre amuzamentul nostru, mai ales că soborul mediatic a numit asta o „mișcare-surpriză”. Între timp, măsurile economice ale PSD încep să aibă efecte negative inclusiv asupra abilității guvernului de-a se finanța, lucru care aduce …

Recording day coming up

Alright so one of the (many) reasons this site exists is for increased transparency. A way to communicate easier without relying on social media – which comes either with outright censorship or with various limitations in characters. So, in the interest of transparency, here’s what I’ve been up to lately. First, I’m wrapping up the …

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