Elections, but in Cyrillic – World Sofa Report – Episode 18

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Three countries have had elections since our last episode: Ethiopia (elections but in Amharic), Moldova and Bulgaria (elections, but in Cyrillic). So we discuss these at great length, particularly Moldova where we also have exclusive footage from.

In other news, Boston Pride – an LGBT-ist organization with 50 years of tradition and experience in activism – dissolved itself because it wasn’t Marxist enough. And it did so leaving plenty of “cultural revolution” or Maoist vibes. Meanwhile, the militant Marxist organization “Black Lives Matter” defends the totalitarian regime in Cuba against the people. And in Ontario, Canada mathematics is officially too racist and needs to be decolonized. You see, Mīrzā Muhammad Tāraghay bin Shāhrukh (or Ulugh Beg), one of the greatest mathematicians that ever lived, was too white and too European. Or something.

Meanwhile, the “responsible” bar-owners in France who licked the boot of the sanitary fascist regime are now suddenly finding out that they’ll be the enforcers of it and they’ll also pay for it and for the privilege of being over-taxed and intentionally impoverished in the Fifth Republic. And, quite unsurprisingly, they still can’t notice that they themselves are the problem.

In other news, lawlessness and looting reigns supreme once again in Zuid-Afrika, even the drone-working Japanese have raised the middle finger to the imbecilic policy of “teleworking” and Australia and NZ continue to be dystopian nightmares masquerading as first-world developed democracies.

Oh, and K-pop may succeed in achieving where everyone else failed. K-pop may indeed be for DPRK what Pink Floyd was for DDR 35-ish years ago. It’s a fascinating story that we explore with context and with other examples from recent history where sub-par pop culture managed to topple regimes that seemed impossible to deal with.

And, finally, the most important and capitalistic economic sector of New Zealand – agriculture – may indeed be destroyed by the current socialist-Labor administration.

These, and other news, are discussed quite thoroughly in this episode taped in Armenopolis.


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World Sofa Report – Episode 17 – Early stages of lawfare

Audio version: http://s.go.ro/i89juhpr

After months of procrastination and another few months of prepping, finally we can now say that such thing called non-Leftist lawfare finally exists. In its early stages, sure, but in a much better shape than just 12 months ago.

We start the show with a piece of news that connects the current US administration with a Romanian corruption scandal and the current head of European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Then we delve into the positive effects of the Wuhan Flu – namely a booming job market for teenagers willing to work rather than sit in indoctrination camps and prisons (routinely referred in public wrongly as ”public schools”); an outright flattening of the public trust in the most corrupt bureaucrats in the world (routinely referred deceitfully as “experts”) and the coordinated efforts to intentionally destroy the political careers (via lawfare, protest, ballot box and beyond) of every single official who sang the tune of the ‘dEaDLy vIRuS’.

Meanwhile, Peru held yet another contested election in which both finalists are political outsiders and very polarized.

Speaking of polarization, Eric Zemmour (France’s Tucker Carlson as both his friends and his enemies routinely call him) has gathered so much influence that now serious questions are being asked on whether he will run for President. We’ll unpack that for you.

Meanwhile, the German tabloid BILD finally blows the whistle: 100% of the pandemic ‘measures’ that impacted children were not just immoral, illegal, useless and illiberal: but outright harmful in numerous ways to all children. There’s nothing the tabloid can do about it except for asking for forgiveness. Which is already a lot more than what dictator Merkel and the illiberal autocratic regime in Berlin has done so far. By the way, the regime in Berlin is busy arresting journalists. But please don’t notice that. You’re supposed to only pay attention to the bad dictatorship – not the ‘good’ one.

At the same time, Matteo Salvini is still working to create a bigger EU Parliament group to finally advance the interests of those not exactly fond of current Brussels – all while the Italian media is rife with CCP infiltration.

In the Middle East, everyone is focused on Israeli politics as the Netanyahu era appears to be drawing to an end. Yet, the more things change, the more they stay the same as the Netanyahu legacy will live on even if the fragile anti-Bibi coalition manages to get sworn into power.

A lot more interesting are the incremental changes happening in Saudi Arabia. In a move that seemed unimaginable 5 years ago, the Ministry for Islamic Affairs ordered mosques to turn down the volume so it won’t bother the sleep of children and non-Muslim residents. Remember, officially non-Muslims don’t exist in Saudi Arabia! The hosts’ Middle-Eastern experience comes in handy to put this apparently non-important piece of news into the wider context.

In Asia, all eyes will be on the showtrials against Aung San Suu Kyi which will be staged by the military regime later on this month. But perhaps more important is the topic of logistics. The disruption in the supply chains brought by the useless, illiberal, immoral and illegal measures justified by the Wuhan Cough has thrown the global shipment industry into probably the weirdest crisis in its history – a crisis which makes “stuff” more expensive for everyone and also slows down deliveries for most of the planet even if nobody has any pandemic restrictions anymore on commercial transport.

Also, the demographics of China is now so bad that the CCP openly acknowledges that manure may hit the ventilator much faster than previously thought. But how bad can it be? Well… the mathematics don’t look good, that’s for sure.

And, finally, Down Under there are increasing concerns about mice infestation. Imagine a billion mice in the city of Sydney or Canberra. Well… in a few weeks you won’t have to imagine. Because that’s what’s going to happen since the state governments have been busy wasting resources on sanitary fascism against its own people over a cough that killed fewer people in Australia than the ‘vaccine’ allegedly meant to prevent it.

These, and other topics (such as the notion of a global corporate tax or autonomous drones attacking soldiers on its own) are being discussed in a very dense World Sofa Report episode.


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World Sofa Report – Episode 16 – Finally some spine?

Audio version: http://s.go.ro/syq6d4d2

Plenty of good news in this episode as a lot of good things are happening in the background. New conservative groups are emerging in the US that are finally applying proper agitprop instead of relying on boomer-tier pearl-clutching ‘methods’.

A conservative group turns the tables on the woke left and goes after people, not institutions. Another one goes after CEOs in woke capitalism by name and personally, rather than by company. Yet another group launches a PAC to support school board candidates that will helicopter far-Leftism in the classroom. And, finally, the Superme Court throws Roe v. Wade revision into the 2022 Midterms discussion.

Also, several Oregon counties voted to join Idaho in a bid to get away from the toxic governance emanating from the People’s Republic of Portlandia.

Meanwhile, thousands gather for a bike rally in support of Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro in a glorious parade. We show footage from it because the news about it has been heavily distorted.

France bans ‘gender-neutral’ language in schools after it decrees it as harmful for learning – while the political class becomes increasingly ‘far-right’ on the question of a certain religion of special needs. Poland defies EU top court eco-Marxist ruling that would threaten Poland’s energy security; Matteo Salvini is rid of one of the two politically motivated criminal prosecutions and the populist Right continues to grow even in places you wouldn’t expect – such as Finland.

Meanwhile, Belarus’ actions are labelled as ‘state terrorism’ in the latest incident of hybrid warfare where Russian shilling went into full gear while EU kabuki theater also hit new levels of pathetic.

Nigeria will devalue its local currency as it continues down the path to a single exchange rate and, eventually, to joining the countries with a convertible currency.

On the other side of the planet, the CCP calls dr. Fauci a ‘traitor’ as the mainstream wakes up to the fact that the ‘conspiracists’ might have had a point about the Wuhan Cough. As all of this is happening, the CCP continues to test its techno-dictatorship in Uyghuristan – this time with an emotion-detecting ‘AI’ as part of the ‘one person, one file’ program.

And, finally, Down Under, the top medical body says Australia will have to officially become once again a penal colony and remain shut ‘for decades’ if it wants to avoid coughing.

These, and other side-topics, are covered in the 16th edition of the World Sofa Report.


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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ShiceSquad

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News #7 – https://www.newsweek.com/france-bans-gender-neutral-language-schools-citing-harm-learning-1590092

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#TweetLikeValean – https://twitter.com/AdinaValean/status/1396513415007506432

More about Adina Vălean – https://altnews.ro/gafa-incredibila-a-adinei-valean-pnl-actul-de-terorism-al-belarusului-este-o-veste-buna/

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Buy Crimena music: https://crimena.bandcamp.com/

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US elites degenerate further in morality, and Fauci is one of them – https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202105/1224480.shtml

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Facebook no longer treating ‘man-made’ Covid as a crackpot idea – https://www.politico.com/news/2021/05/26/facebook-ban-covid-man-made-491053

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When COVID-19 hit, many were struck by the unpredictability of pandemic life. But rural Australians were prepared: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-26/covid-19-lessons-from-rural-australia/100163546

World Sofa Report – Episode 15 – The gray zone

Audio version: http://s.go.ro/1cak0j4u

“The space between peace and war”, a place where “coercion, intimidation, propaganda and manipulation are at play.” In other words, the gray zone. That’s how the top military brass of Australia sees China right now in relation to the Five Eyes Network.

The same can be said about several other conflicts on the planet – like the conflict between the general population in Europe and the majority of European governments. Or the conflict between normal, mentally sane people and Progressives.

Attorneys General from 40 US states press Faceberg to drop the creation of a preteen Instagram citing inherent harms to such a move. Coca Cola suddenly puts a halt on militant racism after its general counsel resigns. Meanwhile, the Cho Bai Den administration has been ‘following the science’ on school reopening by letting the teachers’ unions decide everything. Very scientific indeed!

Speaking of science, nobody is willing to try to explain how come the allegedly killer virus killed roughly nobody in Haiti – a country whose populace never considered the fluffy cough to be anything serious or worthy of much attention.

Better news come from State legislatures. Florida legislature finally makes a sound decision and bans so-called ‘transgender athletes’ from women’s sports. Meanwhile, Idaho legislature bans critical race theory and cultural Marxism from public schools and the governor appointed a commission to evaluate and document the levels of Marxist indoctrination currently existent in Idaho schools with a view to eliminate them.

Meanwhile, tax hikes in Colombia are off the table after violent anti-tax protests (or vigorous political and economical debates) explain thoroughly to the government that taxation is theft.

In Europe, honks related to the pandemic continue. NHS app meant to schedule ‘vaccines’ leaks private information to anyone who wants it. For free. While in Romania one gets a free tour to the medieval instruments museum at Dracula’s castle if one gets Pfizer’s experimental gene therapy at the door.

In better news, the founder of the far-leftist party Podemos suddenly dropped any and all political activities after the voters in Madrid outright flattened them and elevated the conservatives who had morally and legally superiour positions in relation to the management of the Wuhan Cough. Much to the bien pensants’ surprise, Spaniards aren’t big fans of sanitary fascism after all.

Speaking of sanitary fascism, the illiberal regime in Canada arrests a Christian preacher in a new low for the uncivilized zeitgeist of US’ northern neighbor. And in Germany, the Green Party is the best polling party with just 4 months before the general election which is due to finally bring the Merkel regime to an end.

In India, prime minister Modi’s party, the right-wing BJP, makes substantive gains in islamo-leftist West Bengal. But one wouldn’t know that from the CNN which presents this success as a ‘loss in a key election’.

Japan’s debt skyrocketed faster than in the 1990s, growing by almost $1Tn in less than a year, a trend that worries even the Japanese who are otherwise accustomed with gigantic levels of public debt.

And, finally, New Zealand’s Ardern is trying to tone down the sinophilia shown lately by some of her cabinet ministers, but she still insists on a type of Non-Aligned Movement foreign and international trade policy that is increasingly of concern for the Five Eyes Network.

These and other news are commented thoroughly in a robust 15th episode of the World Sofa Report.


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News #21 – https://www.reuters.com/world/china/new-zealands-ardern-says-differences-with-china-becoming-harder-reconcile-2021-05-02/

World Sofa Report – Episode 14 – Time for cleanup to commence

Audio version: http://s.go.ro/7jjyle3b

Time for a cleanup in many ways. California is bracing to cleanup its gubernatorial office while the local authorities in LA have been cleaning up the homeless population in order to satisfy the immense Ceaușescu-tier ego of the pricks attending the Oscar gala.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas legislators have successfully overridden a gubernatorial veto on a bill meant to clean up the possibilities of the transgenderist lobby to continue to mutilate confused children.

At the same time, the White House is preparing over one billion dollars to bribe the press into singing the Pandemic music; while in Brazil the Presidency is doing exactly the opposite and tells the apparatchiks he will use the army to enforce Constitutional rights and freedoms rather than illiberal and illegal sanitary fascism measures.

In Europe, Denmark is slowly gearing up to send as many Syrians back home as possible, Romania takes another step towards cleaning up the Chinese presence, Albania is bracing for a complicated governance following a hard fought election campaign (which included bullets) and the global semiconductor shortage is bound to last for at least another year. Speaking of bullets, Spanish leftists have put up a nice false flag to win some victimology points.

In the meantime, the CCP is trying even harder to get into the Big Data business in order to consolidate its techno-dictatorship while New Zealand breaks ranks with the Five Eyes Network in order to further integrate into the statute of a Chinese puppet state.

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Buy Akral Necrosis album – https://www.amazon.com/Damnatio-Memoriae/dp/B08KJJCYSK

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Covid restrictions mean Australians have never looked so imprisoned – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/covid-restrictions-mean-australians-have-never-looked-imprisoned/

World Sofa Report – Episode 13 – Old news are back

Audio version: http://s.go.ro/2t6hwpmm

We’ve been out almost two months on the sofa report and, just as we got back, we get more old news delivered as breaking news.

For instance, the Canadian CSIS delivered the breaking news that there is Chinese interference in Canada. As if this hasn’t been happening for more than 30 years now and somehow Toronto ended up operated by the Triads and Vancouver became Hongcouver in the last 12 months or so.

Also “breaking news” is that withdrawal from Afghanistan means costly litigation due to the web of well-connected contractors who will not let the government tit go easily – as if that hasn’t been happening for almost 20 years or so.

But there is some legit news too – such as the increasing number of states and jurisdictions who stand up against the disdainful and illiberal idea of ‘vaccine passports’ or the latest crazy idea of the New Zealand government which purports to ask investment funds and insurers to issue public ‘climate reports’.

In the meantime, there’s a diplomatic kerfuffle between Poland and Belarus in the background, Swiss kids are learning to use the Cough19 panic to their advantage, the Sweden Democrats are slowly advancing in their long march through institutions, the French Left tears itself apart over woke racist nonsense and the workers at Qantas have figured it out that the pandemic was a great excuse for management to purge its payrolls.

Oh, and we also discuss the details of the EU-Turkey summit because the Cathedral media was busy discussing von der Leyen’s sofa rather than what really matters.


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French minister wants inquiry into so-called Islamo-leftist bias in academia – https://www.politico.eu/article/french-minister-wants-inquiry-into-so-called-islamo-leftist-bias-in-academia/

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Government set to fine universities who ‘cancel’ people due to their views as ministers ‘defend British history and culture’ – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9258031/Government-appoint-woke-warden-powers-fine-universities-cancel-people.html

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News #18 – https://www.reuters.com/business/sustainable-business/new-zealand-introduces-climate-change-law-financial-firms-world-first-2021-04-12/

World Sofa Report – Episode 12 – You can’t stop the signal

Audio version: http://s.go.ro/q6d5cnkq

You can censor, obfuscate, impede, frustrate and bury it in ignorance – but ultimately you can’t stop the signal. And you can’t stop ideas whose time has come.

11 months ago we were in the tiny minority contesting the “expert consensus” on almost all Wuhan Cough-related stuff and also discussing the economic implications of the monumental fuck-up. As well as the further disruption permitted by global health disruptors such as Bill Gates. For months, that was either ignored or (intentionally) lumped in with intentional disinformation. But that can only go so far. At some point, the signal does come out and becomes impossible to ignore.

So, now it’s halal to mock and attack Bill Gates (conspiracy theory 7 months ago), it’s halal to talk about pre-existent immunity (conspiracy theory 10 months ago), it’s halal to talk about Andrew Cuomo’s murderous conduct (far-right Trumpist conspiracy theory 9 months ago), it’s halal to talk about the math and graphs simply not adding up (Putinist/extremist/far-right conspiracy theory until a month ago) and on and on like that it goes. And we’ll go through all of it because that’s why you support us – to tell the truth before it becomes okay to talk about it.

Besides panicard lunacy, of course we also review geopolitics. The CCP continues to pressure around in the South China Sea triggering a new set of discussions about upping the ante on preparedness on the Japanese side of the cold war. Canada wants further restrictions on gun ownership in line with a promise made by the Trudeau cabinet in the campaign. China overtakes the US as EU’s main trading partner and Iran threatens to tighten restrictions when it comes to the access it provides to the United Nations atomic agency inspectors, unless the Robinette administration lifts the sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Meanwhile, Robinette appeared to suggest that China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang is just a different cultural norm, in a rambling response to a friendly CNN townhall. And, finally, Google cuts a deal with the Australian government in the issue of payment to the news media, while Faceberg blocks the global access to Australian media in a dispute that will soon follow in Europe as well.


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Working from home could lead to more prejudice, report warns – https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-54937713

World Sofa Report – Episode 11 – The European Russification via Европейский союз

Audio version: http://s.go.ro/j98v1wfo

It’s too long to keep on saying “the European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” so Европейский союз (pronounced “Evropeyski Sayuz”; transliterated: Jevropéjskij sojúz). And it is turning into a “sojuz” with Russia as the behavior of the State towards the protesters is now barely distinguishable between Brussels and Moscow.

However, there are some differences – for instance Germany is growing increasingly isolated in the EU on the Nord Stream 2 question as even France and Germany’s own deep state is slowly coming to the realization that this project may have not been the brightest idea. But Mutti Merkel presses on as she calls for a collaboration with the Gamaleya Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow to counter the blunders of the European Commission (or Европейская комиссия).

Speaking of Russia, the protests called for by the opposition leader are still quite underwhelming as Dmitri Medvedev touts the usage of the unusable Russian law of “sovereign internet”. We explain what that means, show you footage from the protests and the latest cringe from the Kremlin.

In other news, the DOJ targets Elon Musk’s SpaceX for the crime of preferring US citizens over illegal immigrants. And in San Francisco almost three times as many people died of fetanyl overdose than of the allegedly super dangerous Chinese Virus.

President Cho Bai Den is busy keeping his Baizuo Democrat Party in line while the data of as many as 80% of the American adult population might have been stolen by the CCP. Meanwhile, the saga of Reddit meme stocks continue.

In Myanmar the CCP is put in a weird position as the CCP preferred the ‘democratic’ regime over the regime of the CCP-skeptical Burmese military. Still, this is an intra-communist struggle – an aspect glossed over by the Cathedral Media. The same media that seems incapable of reporting fundamentally good news about the evolution of the Wuhan Virus epidemic in Africa.

Further East, the South Korean leadership wants Big Business to share profits with smaller firms that have been hard hit by the hysterical measures allegedly meant to curb the Wuhan Virus. The only thing the measures curbed was the economy, but that cannot be admitted in public, especially as elections are coming up in South Korea. North of the DMZ, the situation is still complicated as a former diplomat explains that denuclearizing is not an option for the Kim regime.

Finally, in Oceania, the New Zealand mining industry pushes back to the ‘climate change’ activism by the Leftist government – while in Australia two million people have been placed under house arrest because someone might have coughed.


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In Germany, vaccinations have always been political – https://www.dw.com/en/in-germany-vaccinations-have-always-been-political/a-56221965

News #9 – https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2021/02/01/russia-is-ready-to-disconnect-from-global-internet-medvedev-says-a72791

Kremlin shrugs off Navalny backlash as protesters crowd jails – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/03/kremlin-tries-downplay-navalny-jailing-thousands-arrested-riot-police

Pro-Putin flashmob – https://rg.ru/2021/01/29/reg-urfo/video-rabotniki-krupnoj-uralskoj-kompanii-stancevali-v-podderzhku-prezidenta-rf.html

News #10 – https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-53181555

New Study By Dr. Steven Quay Concludes that SARS-CoV-2 Came from a Laboratory – https://finance.yahoo.com/news/study-dr-steven-quay-concludes-130000526.html

News #11 – https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-55913947

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One Case, Total Lockdown: Australia’s Lessons for a Pandemic World – https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/01/world/australia/perth-lockdown.html

News #15 – https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/business/435642/mining-industry-mostly-disagrees-with-climate-change-commission-report

World Sofa Report – Episode 10 – Coughing with a political conscience

Audio version: http://s.go.ro/tr8o2oyv

The Cathedral have told you that “democracy” was in danger in the USA (as if the USA has ever been a democracy) because some people got into the Capitol building. The problem is that none of this seem to have been the case when roughly the same thing happened in April 2016, July 2016 or September 2018. Or during the 2 year long protests in Madison, WI in 2011-13. Or during the clash at the Sacramento Capitol in 2016. Funny how that works.

In reality “democracy” was only in danger in the sense that some questions have been postponed a bit too much.

In other news, a man has been living for 3 months in the Chicago O’Hare airport citing fear of the Wuhan Flu. And Canada’s Trudeau suddenly realized that Orange Man was good for his country, now that Robinette axed the Keystone XL pipeline.

In Europe, diplomats approach the Robinette administration with caution as some of them whisper that Orange Man had a point on defense. Meanwhile, in Italy, the Prime Minister narrowly manages to cling to office as the masticator that is Italian politics is attempting to do to Giuseppe Conte what it usually does – since the country usually holds a government for an average of 1.14 years.

The “heroes” in the NHS now suddenly want to be legally protected from prosecution. Just like in other places, realization sets in that, for the most part, the “heroes” in the hospitals are oftentimes part of the Problem in the Cough19 equation.

Meanwhile, in Germany, those who disagree on Cough19 with the Health führer (official title is Gesundheitsführer) may be held in detention centers. If the opposition does not exploit this politically in the runup for the September federal elections, then they deserve what’s coming.

In Uganda the local dictator booted off Faceberg. The Cathedral reports that as an act of autocracy and a danger – which is correct, but not complete. The underlying issue is not that some tinpot dictator is pissed off at Facebook – but that the reason offered is a very legitimate one and is the fault of Facebook itself. Cases like the Ugandan election are the reason why BigTech has to be taken down a peg or two, if not outright flattened.

In other news, more sanctions are put on China while the CCP retaliates with some of its own. As in every episode, we try to explain the complicated layers in the region in ways the Cathedral can’t.

Finally, in Australia the health officials shat themselves when news from Norway regarding vaccines arrived on their shores. Which is lovely to watch because Australian bureaucrats have yet to escape from the mentality that they can control things. Meanwhile, neighboring NZ’s tourism industry slowly starts to catch up with the reality that most of them will be bankrupt.


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News #11 – https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/434838/domestic-tourism-spend-not-filling-6b-hole-left-by-lack-of-international-travellers

World Sofa Report – Episode 9 – Epiphanies of the new year

The audio version: http://s.go.ro/1k9iimac

The New Year is upon us and with it more politics and more fun. We took the Epiphany Day to look into some of the latest controversies.

Alphabet Inc. is about to feel on itself the nonsense it has promoted and foisted upon others: namely unionization, militant woke activism and purposeful disintegration of the company’s internal trust. Sure, the unionization drive likely won’t succeed but the shock will be fun to watch. Awoman!

Speaking of Awoman! – a Wickenburg mother beat the living bejesus out of her children because she was scared she is going to cough. Cough19’s Witnesses is a dangerous apocalyptic cult and it was only a matter of time until it started generating child abuse as well.

One should add abortion to the narrow list of acceptable “essential” reasons for which Cough19 “guidelines” are suspended and mass protests can be permitted. After anti-White racism and violence by militant anti-White racists, Argentina showed the world that abortion is also acceptable reason to hold mass rallies. To their credit, both rallies in favor and against abortion are permitted.

In 1999 the socialists promised to make Venezuela a paradise of equality and egalitarianism. Twenty-two years later the country is more unequal than ever but it also started a slow and painful road to recovery. The recovery is slow because the path chosen resembles quite a lot to the one chosen in 2014 for Zimbabwe – namely dollarization.

The New Year finally brought Brexit. After years of panicard titles and pompous speeches by those who’ve come to be known as “Remoaners”, Brexit is finally here. Delivered by Boris Johnson. That’s what history will note. Sadly, history will also note that Boris Johnson was unable to apply the same negotiation logic with his own bureaucrats – preferring instead to succumb to the fake news promoted by SAGE and other loons – thus the country is now once again in a pointless and long-term-destroying lockdown.

NATO is apparently concerned with South-Eastern Europe’s cybersecurity. The proposed way to tackle this is just wrong. It’s frustrating to watch politicians, journalists and pundits (who know absolutely nothing about cybersecurity) opine pompously about how NATO should do things.

The Greek Orthodox Church finally adopts the correct attitude about Cough19 rules on Epiphany Day and tells the Greek government to politely buzz off as religious liberty is more important than hypochondriacs’ fear of not coughing. A similar attitude was adopted in Romania as well (and we’ll show you footage of how it looked like).

We also spend a few minutes to discuss the allegedly ‘far-right’ political party newly entered into the Romanian Parliament and scared the living hell out of the middle class left-wing Cathedral pricks as well as the comfy cuckservatives who know all too well how to do things… except how to get themselves voted into the Parliament.

Iran’s uranium enrichment is up once again proving President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu right once again about the trustworthiness of Tehran. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia eases the tensions with Qatar in an attempt to drive up the isolation of Iran with a united front.

Finally, we look at China’s propaganda about the Wuhan Coronavirus and the apparent disappearance of Alibaba’s founder.


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News #6 – https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-assange-ruling/uk-judge-rules-wikileaks-assange-should-not-be-extradited-to-united-states-idUKKBN29912A

News #7 – https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/01/04/flawed-cybersecurity-is-a-ticking-time-bomb-for-the-balkans/

News #8 – https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-greece-church-idUSKBN29922J

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Libertarian MP on the Euro currency and cash payments – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTqE0kh2fOg

News #10 – https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/1/4/eu-irans-uranium-enrichment-threatens-nuclear-deal

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