3SI Summit journey starts

Although the 3SI Summit debuts in 4 days, for those of us not funded by taxpayers (of any country), the business starts in a few hours. As we write this, the final decisions are made on what equipment we can carry with us and what will have to be left at the home base.

Watch coverage from the 2018 3SI Summit in Romanian and in English.

We will be traveling by train and we’ll try to record logs (just like we did last year) both from the trip and on site. Editing and uploading them will be a different story, of course.

Depending on the technological capabilities on site, we will try to do a live-text coverage on the dedicated page. There is also a dedicated page in Romanian.

Unlike last year, we will not rely on social media during the event itself, but publish in real-time only on the website – while on social media we will link only the pages mentioned above. Well, that’s the plan anyway. We don’t rely too much on detailed plans because nobody can know for sure beforehand how things will look like in the field.

If the technological capabilities will not be satisfactory, the dedicated pages will be used for centralizing all the coverage from this event.

There will be other articles on the topic as well. Those will also be linked back on the appropriate page (depending on the language used).

Once again we wish to thank all of those who have donated to our fundraiser and made this possible for our small network. We hope we will be able to surpass the level of coverage offered last year as well as offer more analysis than last time.


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