A note on the Discord server and the Telegram group

Although it’s been less than three hours since I announced in public the creation of a public Telegram group and a Discord server for the operation, questions have started flowing in my direction. So, let’s clarify some things.

On the Discord server

As I mentioned quite explicitly in the video announcement, the Discord server is not my responsibility – but it was delegated to someone else in our operation. So any questions and/or requests in relation to that server shall be directed to the user Băzeus on the server. My involvement with the server shall be minimal and next to non-existent.

Any policy on the Discord server shall be negotiated with the admin over there.

The purpose of the Discord server is to be established by the community though, if I were to guess, it will be mostly shitposting and memes. Which is not a bad thing at all.

On The Telegram Group

The most obvious (and already 15+ times asked) question in relation to the public Telegram group is: Why can’t users post on the group?

The answer is a bit more complicated.

First of all, the group is meant to slowly replace the Facebook page and also to cater to those who have renounced the Zuccworld or have never been there to begin with. So it is mostly for announcements and new posts – thus allowing peeps to be up to date with stuff without having to rely on services that routinely ban you (like Faceberg but also Twitter).

Secondly, the “Freedom Alternative” bot on Telegram relays any message in the group to the Discord server. So having the comments open would mean crowding the Discord server with comments from the Telegram group.

If and when that second issue will be solved (i.e. the bot to become smarter to only relay some message but not all) – comments by users will be off on the Telegram group.

Until then, the Telegram group is simply to make it easier to stay up to date not just with what we publish but also with other news which will be posted in the group for the benefit of our followers.

Telegram is very friendly both with desktops and with smartphones, both in terms of resources demanded and in terms of freedom of expression – unlike Twitter or Facebook.

Eventually, the Telegram group will change and comments will be opened. But until then – real-time comments remain closed.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience and I will now get back to more serious work.

Happy Easter!

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