World Sofa Report – Episode 8 – When technooptimism meets reality

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As we approach the New Year, politics, of course, doesn’t stop. Nor does it take a vacation. We listened to the critics and went back to the 4-hour model.

Goolag’s outage has made plenty of technooptimists to stop and ask some questions. Suddenly it’s no longer fun and games when you can’t turn on your lights in your own house because of a hard-drive failure hundreds or thousands of kilometers away.

In the meantime, Cough19 ‘measures’ continue to be flattened in courts allover the Western World, much to the desperation of panicards, shills and technooptimists.

Not a week goes by lately without another human trafficking ring being busted. But even though the news is being reported honestly – the interest for analysis continues to remain pretty low.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Paris city hall found itself fined for sexism as it had way too many women in the top jobs as decided by the militant socialist mayor. Of course, the fine is being contested because, you see, it’s not even about equality of outcome. It’s all about militant misandry – and always has been.

More details are coming out from Tigray as the conflict between the Ethiopian federal government and the TPLF continues, even though the military has taken control of Mekelle (Tigary’s capital).

The peace accord between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been broken once again while the Cathedral continues the healthy focus on the abuses in Xinjiang.

Meanwhile, China continues its geopolitical moves in the region. Indonesia will use Sinovac to control the Chinese virus under a national plan that defies global trends in meaningful ways. Also, the Chinese government announced new restrictions on Australian coal trying to bully Australia for the country’s latest moves.

Finally, New Zealand’s reported economic numbers simply don’t add up as they severely underestimate the impact of the extremist and illiberal policies they employed under the excuse of the Wuhan virus.

These, and other topics, are covered thoroughly at, likely, the last episode for 2020 of the World Sofa Report.

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