World Sofa Report – Episode 5 – Multiple shifts in the Overton window

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Amy Coney Barrett is now Associate Justice Barrett and some rivers of leftist tears are still flowing as a result of this. We do issue some caution for those who over-celebrated. It’s a step in the Right direction, yes, but not a home-run. It is also another reason to appreciate Cocaine Mitch. Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton 🙂

In other news, Silicon Valley “workers” are even more exhausted than before the Wuhan Cough panicdemic as they’re figuring it out that “work from home” is in fact pure unadulterated cancer and far from the digital utopia they imagined. Wow, who would’ve thought?

Meanwhile, Venezuela and Belarus do what dictatorships usually do – namely arrest its opponents because they can. In Belarus the opposition was supposed to stage a national strike and bring the country to a standstill in order to force Lukashenko’s hand. The BBC offers a glaring coverage but the reality in the field is a lot more complicated. We go quite deep into explaining how this works in practice.

In the meantime, Danish researchers are still having serious troubles in publishing the results of the biggest study in the world when it comes to the muzzles in relation to the Wuhan Coronavirus. Apparently, those who “fucking love science” are suddenly pretty quiet when having to face the results of the Danish study. The results are still not public but, judging by the obviously politically-motivated controversy, we can make an educated guess about the results.

In other news, the Religion of Special Needs goes full bananas yet again in France, looting continues to be a thing in Nigeria on the backdrop of the EndSars protests, Germany finally admits (albeit tacitly) that the Wuhan Flu situation is first and foremost political as Merkel is trying to convince state premiers on restrictions (and it ain’t working!), and Australia is being lauded for its sanitary fascist regime that makes China look like a democracy by comparison. We’re on the sofa to offer the other side of the narrative that the Cathedral will probably print next year or even in 2022.

Obviously, we spent a decent amount of time talking about the US election and about Big Tech’s interference as this is the last episode before the election.

That’s it for now. Enjoy!


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