World Sofa Report – Episode 14 – Time for cleanup to commence

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Time for a cleanup in many ways. California is bracing to cleanup its gubernatorial office while the local authorities in LA have been cleaning up the homeless population in order to satisfy the immense Ceaușescu-tier ego of the pricks attending the Oscar gala.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas legislators have successfully overridden a gubernatorial veto on a bill meant to clean up the possibilities of the transgenderist lobby to continue to mutilate confused children.

At the same time, the White House is preparing over one billion dollars to bribe the press into singing the Pandemic music; while in Brazil the Presidency is doing exactly the opposite and tells the apparatchiks he will use the army to enforce Constitutional rights and freedoms rather than illiberal and illegal sanitary fascism measures.

In Europe, Denmark is slowly gearing up to send as many Syrians back home as possible, Romania takes another step towards cleaning up the Chinese presence, Albania is bracing for a complicated governance following a hard fought election campaign (which included bullets) and the global semiconductor shortage is bound to last for at least another year. Speaking of bullets, Spanish leftists have put up a nice false flag to win some victimology points.

In the meantime, the CCP is trying even harder to get into the Big Data business in order to consolidate its techno-dictatorship while New Zealand breaks ranks with the Five Eyes Network in order to further integrate into the statute of a Chinese puppet state.

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