The coming paycheck for practicing socialism – World Sofa Report – Episode 25

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There’s a paycheck waiting for those who practiced socialism. It is/will be a poisoned one, but it’s there. And in the end, everyone loses – ’cause that’s what socialism does.

Nowhere is this more apparent these days than in Canada where those awaiting for that paycheck desperately cling to power amid growing (and now majority) demands for change. It’s a topic that is outright banned in some places (e.g. Italy) and heavily censored on normie social media. Even so, the word has gone out and HONKing is now increasingly a global phenomenon. And those awaiting for their paychecks for playing the stupid pandemic game may end up not even getting their meager paycheck. Honking will for sure continue until freedom improves.

Meanwhile, in New York city black Americans are suing the Electoral Board over its decision to allow foreigners to vote in the local elections; Christian schools and homeschooling are growing at the fastest rate in history – with black families’ opting for homeschooling growing more than 400% since the ‘pandemic’.

In the meantime, a taxpayer-funded study asks gay minors to report sexual activity without parental consent; Facebook loses daily active users for the first time and Venezuelans dehumanized by communism replace Haitians as the biggest group to show up in Panama.

In Europe, the FreedomConvoy is spreading like wildfire with one expected to arrive in Paris on the 11th or 12th and to converge in Brussels on February 14th with truckers from several EU countries having already started the journey. Meanwhile, Austria and Romania are also preparing their own Freedom Convoys.

Germany is desperately trying to stop Telegram from allowing free speech of the German citizens. And failing. Germany being the same country whose chancellor was an unironic STASI supporter and whose Minister of Interior is an outright ANTIFA.

The Winter Olympics are taking place in Beijing – which means a good chance for the rest of the world to see the Gulag first hand. Suddenly, pampered Western athletes are finding out what communism actually is. And they don’t like it.

A majority of Americans now see China as an enemy and support lowering trade with China. But that won’t be that easy. American businesses who refuse to adapt to reality are putting up a big fight in courts and ending the West’s dependence on Chinese rare earths is not something that can be done overnight.

In the background, in order to avoid sanctions, Hong Kong is rolling out e-CNY which also comes with the benefit of further integrating the autonomous province into the CCP’s economic system.

Meanwhile, people have been raped in the Australian Parliament (allegedly). And Australian police drags out business-owners and their children for the crime of working whilst having not taken the myocarditis-inducing experimental gene therapy clotshot.

These and other news are treated at length in a yet another World Sofa Report, taped just before we started preparing to join our own Freedom Convoy.

The honking will continue until freedom improves.

News #1 –

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Removing trucks could be almost ‘impossible,’ say heavy towing experts –

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Meet The Seattle Schools Woke Indoctrination Czar Who Married A Child Molester:

A Colorado school district was forced to cancel classes after teachers called out sick to protest the new conservative school board:

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Över 10 000 personer med utvisningsbeslut avvikna:

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Why we hoard toilet paper and wet wipes – and why we shouldn’t:

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