Energy blunders – World Sofa Report – Episode 20

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The countries of Europe unfortunate enough to be in the European Union are going through a self-inflicted energy crisis. It’s the cost paid for not helicoptering the ‘green’ narrative in time.

However, Evro-soyuz is not the only place that’s living with the consequences of energy blunders. Although in the worst situation in the developed world – the effects o energy blunders are also felt in China and the Middle East (albeit as a result of different types of blunders). We do discuss China and Lebanon in the context of energy, political (in)stability and, in the case of China, looming economic crisis as well.

Meanwhile, in the USA, courts around the country are packed with complex lawsuits seeking to slow down, disrupt or halt illiberal orders of the Biden administration that tries to punish people who don’t want to be part of the global medical experiment. In other court disputes – the Biden admin hasn’t been successful. For instance, the administration is getting ready to re-implement Trump’s policies on immigration following a Supreme Court ruling.

At a lower level, more and more states are helicoptering dangerous, divisive and violent Leftist ideology from their schools – showing once again that local activism works, if engaged in persistently.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s Bolsonaro is offending sensibilities again, Ecuador’s president declares a state of emergency over drug violence, the Polish Parliament authorizes the Border Patrol to deny asylum claims on the spot and then deport illegals without much fuss, New Zealand’s PM used public shekels to organize her wedding and the elections campaign has formally started in Bulgaria.

We do spend quite a bit of time discussing the insanity going on in Italy (with footage from there) and also the latest revelations concerning mental health in Australia following months on end of sanitary fascism and behavior by the State that makes the People’s Republic of China look democrat by comparison.

You watch the sofa in order to know the news in advance. That way you won’t be surprised when they happen 🙂

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