Perhaps a breaking point?

When I’m writing this, the controversy related to Novak Đoković being held in the Melbourne airport is yet to be resolved. So many of you will already know the result by the time you’ll be reading this.

Nevertheless, regardless of how this controversy will be resolved (Nole being deported, Nole being allowed in or Nole sent to one of Australia’s concentration camps remote quarantine facilities for a few days) – the event itself has the potential to be a turning point in ways I am sure the Australian “authorities” did not foresee.

Something clicked

From the moment it became public knowledge that the Serbian athlete will be allowed to compete without having to take the myocarditis-inducing experimental serum, something clicked both in the minds of those ignorant about the inherently political nature of the “pandemic” and in the minds of those who have been judiciously supporting the Regime so far.

It became clear that his participation could be similar to the one of Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know – it’s an unfair comparison but… is it really?

The Reich denied that black athletes can be excellent. Australia denies that normal people should be able to conduct their business without taking bloodclots-inducing experimental serums.

The Reich claimed to control everything – including reality itself. Jesse Owens showed that to be horse manure. The “pandemic” Regime in Australia claimed to control the border and rigorously enforce the “vaccine” on everyone and made millions of people to believe there is no escape.  Here comes Novak Đoković with the potential to prove otherwise.

Just like the Reich, Australia also has camps where it sends the people who disagree with the Regime. And, just like the Reich, the Regime is capable of getting positive propaganda for this atrocious policy into the New York Times.

There are plenty of semblances between the two Regimes. Much more than the useful idiots and the paid shills of the Regime would want you to ponder upon.

Sure, Australia doesn’t (yet) gas people who disagree with the Regime and doesn’t (yet) build ghettos to dehumanize them. But make no mistake: that will come too if this tinpot third-world shithole is not stopped. And it’s coming to Europe too. Just today, Emmanuel Macron outright said that those who refuse the clotshot aren’t citizens.

But then again, it doesn’t have to be identical with the Third Reich of 1940 in order for the analogy to be appropriate. Australia today is closer to the Reich of 1936 than the powers-that-be would want you to consider.

However, unlike 1936, the plebs can now read for themselves (sometimes – even when Alphabet/Faceberg/Twitter censor things) and make the connections themselves.

And this leads us to the core issue: The plebs don’t like it.

Those who licked the boot of the Regime (and observed every single stupid “rule” that has nothing whatsoever to do with health – but everything to do with Control) are either asking for Nole to be forced to be as stupid as they are or… they’re starting to have doubts.

Timidly, sometimes quietly, sometimes not so quietly, more and more Australians (and not just Australians) are asking the obvious: Hold on a sec, are we the baddies here?

If Nole can have an exemption from the clotshot, then maybe the whole blanket mandate is a bunch of horse manure? If Nole can be just fine without taking the clotshot, then maybe, just maybe, the shot itself is at the very least useless for young and fit people? (hint: it is)

Australia has already seen violent protests against sanitary fascism – but those, as necessary as they were, came from people like me: people who smelled the BS right from the getgo and took the Wuhan Cough as what it is: a semi-serious respiratory virus used as an excuse for the installation of a dictatorship.

But what Australia hasn’t seen yet is a mass questioning of the Regime itself. Don’t be fooled by Twitter bubbles. Just as we speak there are millions of conversations taking place allover Australia about the Regime.

Sure, many will still end up agreeing that Novak Đoković is killing grandma or whatever bullshit the Regime is still selling to the plebs as an excuse to curb their freedoms. But a lot more won’t. Many of them will not voice it publicly, necessarily. But the seed of doubt will have been firmly planted.

And, as time goes on, that seed will start to flourish. And they will end up resenting the Regime. And that resentment will turn to anger. And, some of them will end up turning that resentment into action. Some of them foolishly – like the chap who self-immolated over the vaccine mandate (instead of taking a few members of the Regime with him) – but, surely, some of them will turn to much more effective action: political.

Of course, we can’t know now how many. But, the slave mentality of the Penal Colony notwithstanding, it’s impossible not to see a rise in dissidence Down Under after this incident.

This cannot and should not be forgiven

The biggest mistake those who oppose the Regime can make is to forgive. None of this should be forgiven. Ever. And every single apparatchik of the Regime will necessarily have to be punished in any way possible.

One thing is certain, though: Nobody can, in good faith, argue against the point that Australia is, at best, an autocratic illiberal Regime. In fact, Australia is no better than Mugabe’s Zimbabwe – a third world tinpot dictatorship in which arbitrary nonsense is the norm.

Taking Nole’s phone and effectively jailing him for the crime of being healthy without clotshots is something that cannot ever be forgiven. Even the Third Reich treated politically incorrect foreign athletes better in 1936.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m insulting the victims of fascism or whatever cope will be thrown at me this time around from the bien pensants du jour. In reality I am doing the opposite: I’m honoring the memory of the victims of fascism by speaking out in order to prevent that tragedy from happening again. You know, I kinda take #NeverAgain seriously.

And remember: Australia has apartheid, remote camps for dissidents, non-stop surveillance that would make STASI or the KGB envious, massive censorship apparatus and you can’t leave the country. There is no significant moral difference between the current Australian “pandemic” Regime and the Chinese Communist Party. Scott Morrison may indeed be genuinely anti-China (and good for him, and some of his actions on that front are commendable) but Australia, at this point, is just the People’s Republic of China with a smiley face.

The rest of the so-called “free world” isn’t too much behind.

We, as citizens, can change that and prevent that from happening. But, I suspect enough countries won’t. Western Europe is lost already and it’s basically an open-air concentration camp in which you get thrown down the pavement (including grandmas, women and children) for disagreeing with the Regime (it’s happening as a matter of routine in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany already). In Australia they outright shoot you.

But don’t forget: Novak Đoković is a Serb. And Serbians have a tendency of not going down easily. In fact, the foundational myth of the Serbian people is based on a resounding defeat in which the Serbs refused to lose until they took the enemy with them – making the victory incredibly expensive for the enemy.

Or… perhaps this will be a nothingburger. Perhaps the Australian psyche is so blasé from the Regime’s military-style propaganda that this incident will not wake them up from the psychosis too many of them are into. I guess we’ll see in a few months 🤷🏻‍♂️

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