The lockdown in Britain is criminal

A simple reason why the lockdown was/is criminal, and why you have great chances to be a victim of it, far greater than being victim of any other social issue of our time.

I just called the local clinic for a medical appointment with the GP(general practitioner doctor). The local clinic appointments, usually, go fast. They can see you in a few days, if it’s not urgent in which case they can see you faster. During the pandemic they were able to see me on the same day because the clinics were empty. Fine.

The problem is when they have to refer you(from your local clinic) to a specialist doctor(at a hospital) for more advanced check-ups. So, I’ve just been told that I now have to wait for a few months, because there are hundreds of people on the waiting list.

Why are hundreds of people on the waiting list? Because hospitals have been closed to everyone except Covid19 patients and those other immediate emergencies(like heart attacks, strokes or accidents).

In normal times, you wouldn’t get hundreds of people on the waiting list. There are only a few people(10, 20, 30 maybe), and your turn comes in about 2-3 weeks, maximum. But now, it’s a chaos.

Imagine all those hundreds of people who had to wait because the hospitals were all in lockdown, but only at 10% capacity(while doctors and nurses were doing Tik Tok videos). Now, there are tens of thousands of people whose health situation has aggravated in the 4 months of lockdown, many of whom have already died.

Fine, I said, I’ll go private. I asked my local GP to write me a letter so I can go to a private hospital.

Surprise, surprise. All private hospitals are closed to the general public, and they only receive Covid patients which never arrived because even the state hospitals were at 10% capacity. So, the private hospitals were forced to stay closed (on a government “crisis” order) all this period because they were hoping the public hospitals would get full of Covid patients and then send the extra Covid patients to those private hospitals. That never happened.

And that’s how 90% of hospitals(both public and private) stay empty during the lockdown while people are dying to get an appointment for any check-up or surgery or treatment or anything else.

So, there are 40.000 dead people of Covid19 in the #UK. I’m not even getting into how correct these numbers are.

But what you don’t know is that the government is also tracking the collateral deaths, the excess deaths caused by the lockdown: people who couldn’t get their cancer screenings, diabetes tests, surgeries, heart attacks, strokes, and what not.

So, the government stats counted 45.000 collateral deaths. That’s more than Covid deaths!! These are people who could have been saved from treatable conditions. But they were not given health care because doctors were fearing that they would get infected with Covid19, so they refused to even see those patients. Many patients died anyway.

More surprising, nobody seems outraged at these 45.000 deaths, clear evidence, government’s own data. The media is silent. Private activists are silent too, probably stupidly oblivious. Even the families of those 45k dead people are silent, probably, in disdain and surrender. I think I’m the only outraged one.

On top of this, Cancer Research UK, estimates that the cancer deaths will increase by 20.000 as well, at least, by the end of this year due to the fact that many people were not able to detect their cancer in due time.

Luckily, I’m all good, but I’m thinking of all the people who are not as lucky or as young and healthy as I am. Pray to God you won’t end up in a situation like this in which you’ll be at the mercy of bureaucrats.

On top of that, we have thousands of people protesting in the streets like there’s no tomorrow, prolonging this Covid crisis and lockdown for tens of thousands of ill people who truly need care.

But you don’t see this on TV. And I bet you didn’t know about the collateral deaths. And just because you’re in a different country with lower Covid deaths, it doesn’t mean you haven’t got loads of collateral deaths (most countries don’t even count the collateral deaths). But you have no idea about this. You’re only outraged at what the media wants you to be outraged: the topic of the day.

We have to fucking decide: do we keep the lockdown and disband all those protesters, or do we stop the lockdown and get back to our normal lives (including protests, which I’d be fine with otherwise).
Why the fuck are we staying in limbo like this?

Peter Istrate