World Sofa Report – Episode 9 – Epiphanies of the new year

The audio version:

The New Year is upon us and with it more politics and more fun. We took the Epiphany Day to look into some of the latest controversies.

Alphabet Inc. is about to feel on itself the nonsense it has promoted and foisted upon others: namely unionization, militant woke activism and purposeful disintegration of the company’s internal trust. Sure, the unionization drive likely won’t succeed but the shock will be fun to watch. Awoman!

Speaking of Awoman! – a Wickenburg mother beat the living bejesus out of her children because she was scared she is going to cough. Cough19’s Witnesses is a dangerous apocalyptic cult and it was only a matter of time until it started generating child abuse as well.

One should add abortion to the narrow list of acceptable “essential” reasons for which Cough19 “guidelines” are suspended and mass protests can be permitted. After anti-White racism and violence by militant anti-White racists, Argentina showed the world that abortion is also acceptable reason to hold mass rallies. To their credit, both rallies in favor and against abortion are permitted.

In 1999 the socialists promised to make Venezuela a paradise of equality and egalitarianism. Twenty-two years later the country is more unequal than ever but it also started a slow and painful road to recovery. The recovery is slow because the path chosen resembles quite a lot to the one chosen in 2014 for Zimbabwe – namely dollarization.

The New Year finally brought Brexit. After years of panicard titles and pompous speeches by those who’ve come to be known as “Remoaners”, Brexit is finally here. Delivered by Boris Johnson. That’s what history will note. Sadly, history will also note that Boris Johnson was unable to apply the same negotiation logic with his own bureaucrats – preferring instead to succumb to the fake news promoted by SAGE and other loons – thus the country is now once again in a pointless and long-term-destroying lockdown.

NATO is apparently concerned with South-Eastern Europe’s cybersecurity. The proposed way to tackle this is just wrong. It’s frustrating to watch politicians, journalists and pundits (who know absolutely nothing about cybersecurity) opine pompously about how NATO should do things.

The Greek Orthodox Church finally adopts the correct attitude about Cough19 rules on Epiphany Day and tells the Greek government to politely buzz off as religious liberty is more important than hypochondriacs’ fear of not coughing. A similar attitude was adopted in Romania as well (and we’ll show you footage of how it looked like).

We also spend a few minutes to discuss the allegedly ‘far-right’ political party newly entered into the Romanian Parliament and scared the living hell out of the middle class left-wing Cathedral pricks as well as the comfy cuckservatives who know all too well how to do things… except how to get themselves voted into the Parliament.

Iran’s uranium enrichment is up once again proving President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu right once again about the trustworthiness of Tehran. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia eases the tensions with Qatar in an attempt to drive up the isolation of Iran with a united front.

Finally, we look at China’s propaganda about the Wuhan Coronavirus and the apparent disappearance of Alibaba’s founder.


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