World Sofa Report – Episode 4 – Hunter Biden may be more

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Slowly the planned changes are being rolled out – the most visible being the change of the location for the World Sofa Report and soon enough the format as well.

Of course, we spend more time than usual on the US election (risking a Democrat investigation for a Romanian collusion 🤡) since Romania was mentioned and more details about Democrat corruption is coming out no matter how much opposition the Cathedral is mounting.

While His Holiness Chinavirus itself wasn’t with us in the setup this episode, there is some news about that too. For starters, almost everything the Cathedral has told you about Bolsonaro’s management of the situation was, at the very least, exaggerated – as now the IMF admits the situation is rather comparable with Europe in terms of economics. Socially, Brazil is positioned better as Europe is bracing for a winter of protests and some of those will, for sure, turn increasingly violent.

In the meantime, the Three Seas Initiative is going forward. The 2020 Summit was very lame – but the evolution in the field is not to be neglected. Via Carpatia is happening and the Trump administration also finalized an agreement for an expansion of the civil nuclear facilities in the south-east with a view to increase the energy independence of the region from Russia.

Speaking of protests and Russia – the situation in Belarus continues to escalate. Lukashenko threatened to use deadly weapons and in return the protests were bigger than ever. The opposition is threatening with a national strike on October 26. If that succeeds, Lukashenko might have to write three letters soon (the reference is explained in the episode).

Further in the East, Winnie the Flu increases his posturing on the military front while the CCP apparatus reports “record economic growth” – reports which are worth less than the paper they’re written on but which are still sadly believed by way too many NPCs.

Meanwhile, Japan becomes the canary in the coalmine for the much more deadly wave of health problems: mental health problems and psychopathologies are already killing more people than the Wuhan Cough.

And finally, Australia might end up having a new state as a more rural area is getting sick and tired of being told what to do by disconnected city dwellers. In the meantime New Zealand democratically votes to shoot itself in the foot. Or the head. Fun times ahead anyway!


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