World Sofa Report – Episode 3 – Trump coughed

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So… Trump coughed and this was enough to throw Hollywood celebrities into full conspiratorial mode. Just in time to cover the real conspiracy recently revealed by the DNI’s declassification of documents that reveals the Democrat’s coordinated attempt at using the State to frame President Trump as a Russian agent.

Meanwhile, the US administration continues its efforts to flatten China while Democrat officials continue to do what they know best: Torpedo the economy and the society at large on ideological grounds. California just adopted a new “diversity” bill, Portland de facto banned urinals because women can’t use them and we’ve just learned from “scientists” that speaking English spreads more Chinavirus.

Since we believe science, we tried our luck at Polish, Danish and Hebrew in an attempt to limit the spread of the Wuhan Cough 🤡

Meanwhile, in Europe, real Russian shilling intensifies with Emmanuel Macron telling Lithuanians that they should ignore their own history so he can get his “collaboration” with Russia. No, seriously!

At the same time, in Russia, the “voluntary testing” of Sputnik V continues although the details of that are only available in Russian. The British taxpayer pays for the BBC Russian Service but then real information is not then translated into English. Quelle surprise!

Speaking of the British taxpayer, the plans for a multi-billion GBP nuclear power plant have been scrapped condemning northern Wales at further economic depression so that the Ettonian greenies in London can feel good about themselves whilst sipping their soy lattes.

In Berlin, a referendum that aims nothing less than nationalization of houses has been given the green-light to be organized and in the Intermarium legal action is being prepared against Big Tech over freedom of expression concerns.

Oh, and there are a few honks too: China prepares an antitrust (!) investigation against Google (!!) and the most upset peeps over the Israeli-UAE-Bahrain deals are the “peace” NGOs.

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