World Sofa Report – Episode 16 – Finally some spine?

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Plenty of good news in this episode as a lot of good things are happening in the background. New conservative groups are emerging in the US that are finally applying proper agitprop instead of relying on boomer-tier pearl-clutching ‘methods’.

A conservative group turns the tables on the woke left and goes after people, not institutions. Another one goes after CEOs in woke capitalism by name and personally, rather than by company. Yet another group launches a PAC to support school board candidates that will helicopter far-Leftism in the classroom. And, finally, the Superme Court throws Roe v. Wade revision into the 2022 Midterms discussion.

Also, several Oregon counties voted to join Idaho in a bid to get away from the toxic governance emanating from the People’s Republic of Portlandia.

Meanwhile, thousands gather for a bike rally in support of Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro in a glorious parade. We show footage from it because the news about it has been heavily distorted.

France bans ‘gender-neutral’ language in schools after it decrees it as harmful for learning – while the political class becomes increasingly ‘far-right’ on the question of a certain religion of special needs. Poland defies EU top court eco-Marxist ruling that would threaten Poland’s energy security; Matteo Salvini is rid of one of the two politically motivated criminal prosecutions and the populist Right continues to grow even in places you wouldn’t expect – such as Finland.

Meanwhile, Belarus’ actions are labelled as ‘state terrorism’ in the latest incident of hybrid warfare where Russian shilling went into full gear while EU kabuki theater also hit new levels of pathetic.

Nigeria will devalue its local currency as it continues down the path to a single exchange rate and, eventually, to joining the countries with a convertible currency.

On the other side of the planet, the CCP calls dr. Fauci a ‘traitor’ as the mainstream wakes up to the fact that the ‘conspiracists’ might have had a point about the Wuhan Cough. As all of this is happening, the CCP continues to test its techno-dictatorship in Uyghuristan – this time with an emotion-detecting ‘AI’ as part of the ‘one person, one file’ program.

And, finally, Down Under, the top medical body says Australia will have to officially become once again a penal colony and remain shut ‘for decades’ if it wants to avoid coughing.

These, and other side-topics, are covered in the 16th edition of the World Sofa Report.


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