World Sofa Report – Episode 15 – The gray zone

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“The space between peace and war”, a place where “coercion, intimidation, propaganda and manipulation are at play.” In other words, the gray zone. That’s how the top military brass of Australia sees China right now in relation to the Five Eyes Network.

The same can be said about several other conflicts on the planet – like the conflict between the general population in Europe and the majority of European governments. Or the conflict between normal, mentally sane people and Progressives.

Attorneys General from 40 US states press Faceberg to drop the creation of a preteen Instagram citing inherent harms to such a move. Coca Cola suddenly puts a halt on militant racism after its general counsel resigns. Meanwhile, the Cho Bai Den administration has been ‘following the science’ on school reopening by letting the teachers’ unions decide everything. Very scientific indeed!

Speaking of science, nobody is willing to try to explain how come the allegedly killer virus killed roughly nobody in Haiti – a country whose populace never considered the fluffy cough to be anything serious or worthy of much attention.

Better news come from State legislatures. Florida legislature finally makes a sound decision and bans so-called ‘transgender athletes’ from women’s sports. Meanwhile, Idaho legislature bans critical race theory and cultural Marxism from public schools and the governor appointed a commission to evaluate and document the levels of Marxist indoctrination currently existent in Idaho schools with a view to eliminate them.

Meanwhile, tax hikes in Colombia are off the table after violent anti-tax protests (or vigorous political and economical debates) explain thoroughly to the government that taxation is theft.

In Europe, honks related to the pandemic continue. NHS app meant to schedule ‘vaccines’ leaks private information to anyone who wants it. For free. While in Romania one gets a free tour to the medieval instruments museum at Dracula’s castle if one gets Pfizer’s experimental gene therapy at the door.

In better news, the founder of the far-leftist party Podemos suddenly dropped any and all political activities after the voters in Madrid outright flattened them and elevated the conservatives who had morally and legally superiour positions in relation to the management of the Wuhan Cough. Much to the bien pensants’ surprise, Spaniards aren’t big fans of sanitary fascism after all.

Speaking of sanitary fascism, the illiberal regime in Canada arrests a Christian preacher in a new low for the uncivilized zeitgeist of US’ northern neighbor. And in Germany, the Green Party is the best polling party with just 4 months before the general election which is due to finally bring the Merkel regime to an end.

In India, prime minister Modi’s party, the right-wing BJP, makes substantive gains in islamo-leftist West Bengal. But one wouldn’t know that from the CNN which presents this success as a ‘loss in a key election’.

Japan’s debt skyrocketed faster than in the 1990s, growing by almost $1Tn in less than a year, a trend that worries even the Japanese who are otherwise accustomed with gigantic levels of public debt.

And, finally, New Zealand’s Ardern is trying to tone down the sinophilia shown lately by some of her cabinet ministers, but she still insists on a type of Non-Aligned Movement foreign and international trade policy that is increasingly of concern for the Five Eyes Network.

These and other news are commented thoroughly in a robust 15th episode of the World Sofa Report.


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