World Sofa Report – Episode 13 – Old news are back

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We’ve been out almost two months on the sofa report and, just as we got back, we get more old news delivered as breaking news.

For instance, the Canadian CSIS delivered the breaking news that there is Chinese interference in Canada. As if this hasn’t been happening for more than 30 years now and somehow Toronto ended up operated by the Triads and Vancouver became Hongcouver in the last 12 months or so.

Also “breaking news” is that withdrawal from Afghanistan means costly litigation due to the web of well-connected contractors who will not let the government tit go easily – as if that hasn’t been happening for almost 20 years or so.

But there is some legit news too – such as the increasing number of states and jurisdictions who stand up against the disdainful and illiberal idea of ‘vaccine passports’ or the latest crazy idea of the New Zealand government which purports to ask investment funds and insurers to issue public ‘climate reports’.

In the meantime, there’s a diplomatic kerfuffle between Poland and Belarus in the background, Swiss kids are learning to use the Cough19 panic to their advantage, the Sweden Democrats are slowly advancing in their long march through institutions, the French Left tears itself apart over woke racist nonsense and the workers at Qantas have figured it out that the pandemic was a great excuse for management to purge its payrolls.

Oh, and we also discuss the details of the EU-Turkey summit because the Cathedral media was busy discussing von der Leyen’s sofa rather than what really matters.


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