World Sofa Report – Episode 1 – Yuri was right

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the World Sofa Report! Alongside your human hosts, the Chinese Cough itself will also be a permanent guest.

The panic over the Chinese Cough was, as predicted, entirely unjustified from a medical and scientific perspective. But while the fear over the disease itself was (and is) bollocks, the consequences of the irrationality are not. Economy after economy plunge in record times and, even as this is happening, it’s still not enough to flatten the irrationality. British national debt surges over 2 trillion GBP, Germany’s economy in the worst shape since the war (but UBI experiment is kickstarting!) and a similar situation can be observed virtually everywhere on the planet.

Meanwhile, more and more people (so of course this doesn’t include the paid shills or idiotic panicards) are waking up to the reality that “contact tracing” apps are useless from an epidemiological perspective but highly dangerous for the privacy of the citizenry and generally for the well-being a of a free society. Even so, the Bank of Spain continues to shill for even more because your life doesn’t matter. The stability of the paper tiger is what matters.

Yuri Bezmenov made an appearance in a mainstream entertainment outlet. What does that mean? It’s not a game changer for sure (no matter how enthusiastic you may be), but it is yet another step in the correct direction.

Other areas of the world however have different concerns. The Middle East just became a bit more open with the enactment of the historical deal brokered by Donald Trump and the US State Department between UAE and Israel. At the same time, the Chinese bankers are working tirelessly at contingency plans in the face of imminent US sanctions which could turn hundreds of billions of dollars of liabilities into worthless paper.

The longest serving Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, resigned over health reasons and it’s worth to stop for a moment and examine his impressive legacy in Japan’s (geo)politics.

These and other stories, alongside with exclusive footage and personal stories are what’s in the bag for this episode and, hopefully, for many episodes to come.



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