We’re all living in Eastern Europe – World Sofa Report – Episode 28

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Since Putin rolled in the tanks, the world now moved to Eastern Europe. Not just in the sense that everyone has an opinion about Ukraine, but in the sense that suddenly most societies on Earth have to adopt at least one Eastern European feature or defect. And it’s happening at remarkably fast pace. So here’s the news for this episode and in parentheses we’ll put the year and the Eastern European country when this happened in the past.

Over 60% of Americans support limits on K3 lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity (Hungary, 1919) on the backdrop of an American legal system slowly taken over by militant communists (Romania, 1949) and all while Disney announces plans to oppose Texas’ move to criminalize those who mutilate children under the guise of “gender affirming care” (okay, this never happened in Eastern Europe – we were never THAT messed up).

Meanwhile, the US Senate is ready to confirm a SCOTUS judge that is a bit too liberal on sex offenses (she does have a point from time to time but she also goes way too far, too often – kinda like DDR’s approach in the 1980s).

Apparatchiks from “public health” whine that their “work” of curbing everyone’s freedoms isn’t appreciated. In fact, those pesky peasants (formerly known as free citizens) have the audacity to criticize the Stakhanovism of the enforcers of sanitary fascism and want legal measures against the plebs who talk against the apparatchiks (Romania 1952; Poland 1980). On the background, the apparatchiks raid schools to check muzzle compliance on two year olds (Romania 1978).

Energy independence has always been a topic in Eastern Europe – but now suddenly the rest of the world is discovering it too.

Meanwhile in Italy the unions support Russia by sabotaging Italy’s weapons transports to Ukraine; more and more people are proven to have died as a direct result of the myocarditis-inducing clotshot even as the government claims the clotshot is “safe” (all drugs given en-masse in Eastern Europe under communism were subjected to the same policy of censorship, lies, statistics and dismissal of victims).

The reverse is kinda true too. In Eastern Europe discussions are now about gun rights (which only Americans have properly solved), territorial accords (in Bosnia), and mass boycotts and protests against the companies who continue to support the Russian Regime (which is a first in Eastern Europe).

Egypt fixes the price of bread (Eastern Europe 1948-1989), South Korea elects a hawkish anti-feminist president (Poland 2015-present), property developers in China fail to meet their audit (Eastern Europe, 2009), Kazakhstan is bracing for democratic reforms and moving away from a president-centric autocracy (Eastern Europe 1988-1991), Saudi Arabia mulls accepting yuan for its oil and Germany seals a deal for LNG with Qatar.

In Oceania, the Australian government tries to increase its energy output but it’s prevented by eco-Marxist and other far-Left groups (Romania, 2022) and in New Zealand the government denies there is a mental health crisis despite skyrocketing numbers of adolescents on anti-psychotics as a result of the tyrannical Regime over a cough. Also in NZ, the police is being given hell for not being tyrannical enough against the populace that sought its freedom over the past month (kinda like in Romania in 2012 and 2018).

A long, robust episode, properly tagged so you can easily find the topic of interest. Just enough to last for while we’re in Hungary/UAE.


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