The reckoning is here – World Sofa Report – Episode 32

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This show survived long enough to catch the commencement of reckoning on several topics.

So… the reckoning is here for all the campus violence flamed by the far-Left and entertained by the Academia. It is here for all those who supported school closures now finding themselves in deep trouble (although not enough trouble in our view). It is here for all the politicians and pundits who supported extremist and anti-scientific policies that led to children being mutilated, mentally impaired and with a myriad of long-term issues that can’t even be assessed, yet.

Reckoning is here for Joe Biden as well – as railroad workers may end up striking, thus b0rking the supply chain even more, an issue entirely under the control of the federal government, and an issue that did not exist under Obama and Trump.

Reckoning is slowly approaching for Putin as well. Dissent was virtually non-existent until 10 days ago. Now it’s elected officials and even federal TV stations. And it’s only going to get worse.

Reckoning is seeping in for Европейски съюз in general and for Germany in particular. Because for all the belly-aching about Poland and other Intermarium countries – the Russophilia in Europe has had its capital in Berlin.

Reckoning is coming in Sweden as well. Much to the mainstream’s shock (but to the shock of exactly nobody who was following the Swedish society) the Sweden Democrats came in second in the election and a new bourgeois government is likely to be formed – and a government that will explicitly adopt immigration and integration policies that were “far right”, censored from discussion and unthinkable merely 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, in France, the underground institutions of the Right are finally yielding results after 18 years of work – showing a way for dissidents in other countries on how to advance.

Reckoning is coming in Armenia as well. Nobody is coming to its aid and the conflict reached a dead-end for Pashinyan – one of the few politicians that was simultaneously the darling of both the West and of the Kremlin. Ooops! Seems like playing both sides has limits.

Meanwhile, theft, corruption and downright stupidity is creating energy woes in Africa – particularly Nigeria and the South African Republic. All while in Ethiopia, the efforts to maintain ceasefires in Tigray continue.

Energy woes is exactly what India and Japan do not want to have. So both countries are pouring enormous amounts of money in nuclear and coal. Indians are a bit more honest while the Japanese still try to sweeten the deal by mentioning the nonsensical “decarbonization” claptrap – all while enhancing coal and setting the stage for SMRs and new big reactors.

Chinese biopharmaceutical stocks took a slump after US sanctions on intellectual property kicked in, all while the citizens in Uyguristan enter their 6th week of lockdown and a biosecurity totalitarian state.

Reckoning is coming in Oceania as well. Even with removing all of the pandemic theater, New Zealand’s children still aren’t coming back to school. The government expects 70% of children to come back to school in the next four years. All while neuropsychiatric issues continue to mount amongst the country’s minors.

Food prices are way up in NZ, even though it’s a country with a top-tier agricultural sector; and in Australia a “mortgage time bomb” is ticking – as the central bank called it.

Reckoning is coming for everyone. For many, it is already here.

These, and other news and sub-threads, are explored in great detail in the longest episode of the series. The music breaks will also bring exclusive footage from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We thought that we’d go down with a bang since this will also be the last one in this format. We hope you enjoyed this version of traveling through the whole world’s (geo)politics.


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