The real storm is just starting – World Sofa Report – Episode 19

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The consequences for the mass hysteria around the Chinese cough are only now starting to be visible. Broken supply chains, disruptions in public transport since not all people are big fans of sanitary fascism, increased levels of disinformation in the official media (to cover up the immense fuckup), more leaks from institutions (as a result of over-trusting the Internet) and, of course, more terrible economic consequences – including where you were told they won’t happen (such as in the real estate market in China).

Meanwhile, unrelated to the sanitary hysteria, there’s also the green hysteria (also based on scientism) which is now skyrocketing the energy bills of those unfortunate enough to be living in the European Union. Countries are trying desperately to avoid a deterioration which will lead to vigorous political and scientific debates in the streets (particularly in Spain, Greece and France).

In the meantime, Bulgaria braces for the third round of general elections in 2021, Gavin Newsom survives historical recall effort, former Brexit negotiator takes a U-turn on immigration, Maori party in New Zealand wants to change the name of the country and even the propaganda mouthpiece of the far-Left – The Atlantic – figures it out that Australia is a fascist shithole.

These, and other news, are discussed in this most recent World Sofa Report.

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