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Finally some more visible non-Leftists are willing to do what it takes: namely to compete and go on the offensive – not just occasionally, but all the time.

The last couple of weeks were quite good in this department: There is now a full fledged children’s right-wing entertainment complex that terrifies CNN (the same CNN that flopped CNN+, hehe) and Ron DeSantis imposes the correct policy against globohomo Disney.

Meanwhile, the glowing-in-the-dark case of alleged kidnapping plot of tyrannical governor of Michigan collapsed in court. With a bit of luck and a lot of work, she will collapse in November too.

In Europe, dozens were injured after an Allahu-Ackbar set of riots in Sverigestan. The “new Swedes” were deeply aggrieved that someone exercised his fundamental right to freedom of expression by engaging in a special operation of increasing the temperature of a Qu’ran.

In other news in Europe – the Russian MoD is whining that there are Romanian, Polish, American and Georgian mercs in Ukraine; the VP of Gazprombank got suicided in Moscow; the British government is trying hard to get its civil service back to work and Germany is trying to acquire floating LNG terminals.

But perhaps the most important event in Europe is the upcoming second round of the presidential election in France – where the people have a choice between secular Putinism with a skirt (Marine Le Pen) and pro-Islamic Putinism without a skirt (Emmanuel Macron). With a bonus that the incumbent was the biggest arms supplier of Russia from 2017 and until April 2022 (yes!) and is on record to wanting a Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok (something so extreme that not even the Sberbank lady isn’t keen on saying it out loud). So, of course, we dedicate a longer segment to this event.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Crown Prince is trying to gauge the impact of sanctions against Russia so the Kingdom can then hedge the bets and an incident in Libya creates a bit more panic on the oil market.

In the far-east, the forced labour system in Nepal gets some attention via its victims working in the richer Gulf states; Japan is sending drones to Ukraine and then we take a longer time to discuss the health theatre in Shanghai.

And, finally, in Oceania, the plebs are finding out what we’ve been saying for almost two years: the sanitary fascism was not only useless, but in fact explicitly NOT recommended even by their own “experts” – yet the far-Left China-serving Regime in New Zealand went ahead and implemented anyway. New Zealand is that country whose citizens were better treated by the Taliban than their own government.

Meanwhile, 7 in 10 Aussies live paycheque-to-paycheque with no savings, the construction industry is about to collapse (in part thanks to sanitary fascism), and the regional security framework just took a boot in the teeth after Solomon Island’s security deal with China – negotiated and signed whilst the Australian regime was busy fighting with Novak Đoković.

These and other news are covered in this only episode for April as we work through other projects.


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