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One of the challenges of long pre-recorded podcasts is that by the time you’re done, some news might get outdated. It happens rarely, but when it does it’s quite a bummer. Nevertheless, we did get the analysis quite right.

Suddenly the New York Times (a former newspaper) finds out what we’ve been saying for over a year: namely that the CDC is a political organization that publishes data selectively to support a certain narrative that rarely (if ever) has anything to do with so-called public health. In the meantime, the crisis of Direct-to-Consumer advertising of dangerous prescription drugs continues unabated.

Meanwhile, the leftists are complaining that finally the conservatives are taking the necessary steps to not only stop but reverse the far-Left’s march through the educational institutions. Soon enough (maybe two years, maybe even less) they will also start complaining about the Parallel Economy that non-Leftists are finally starting to build to get around Big Tech’s censorship.

In Europe, the Европейский союз has finally noticed that Bosnia exists. And it may not exist for much longer because nobody bothered to discuss with the tri-partite institutions of Bosnia for decades.

The much bigger concern in Brussels is the Chips Act which aims to increase chip-manufacturing capabilities in Europe. A worthy goal, but, with the typical bureaucratic approach of the EU, it may not happen after all.

Chip manufacturing and Ukraine are the big topics we go through in the Europe segment. With the caveat that we taped the segments 12 hours before Putin initiated military action in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Africa is going through food inflation and other economic troubles that, for the first time, are not their fault. Essentially, most countries of Africa are suffering the economic consequences of the lunatic decisions made in Europe. What’s Europe’s response? More vaccines!

Saudi Arabia now downplays its Wahhabi roots in public, while in UAE defense contractors are trying to find a way to integrate UAV systems following Iran-backed Houthi terrorist attacks over the last several weeks.

For the first time in 70 years, China is considering delaying the retirement ages as the CCP faces the demographic crisis that’s coming to the People’s Republic no matter what.

Meanwhile, in Australia discussions about white bread as an expression of white supremacy and patriarchy are dominating the pre-election discourse. Well, that and the fact that certain Australian states maintain a hard border due to a cold.

In NZ, honking continues at the Parliament lawn while the advertising watchdog is busy investigating four Karens’ complaints about billboards depicting a victim of the cough19 magic serums.


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