Real madness is about to begin – World Sofa Report – Episode 31

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One of the great advantages of publishing on Odysee is that we can discuss the three main topics of this period without being afraid of upsetting some “algorithm” from Goolag Inc. The topics are Roe v Wade, the sentencing of Ghislane Maxwell and the upcoming recession.

Speaking of Goolag Inc., the tech corporation has been infiltrated by a sectarian apocalyptic cult and, like any other virus/parasite, it seeks to replace everyone in the firm with their own NPCs. Dis gon b gud!

In other news, Ecuador lifts the state of emergency after the president’s attempt to consolidate power didn’t quite work out, Austria scraps its vaccine mandate after even their fans noticed that approximately nobody takes the myocarditis-inducing experimental gene therapy clotshot out of fear of some BS fine; the terrible Harvard leftist who was the prime minister of Bulgaria now blames Russia for his own incompetence and inept leadership; Russia itself went into a little bit of default and FC Sherriff Tiraspol found itself sanctioned.

In the background, Jarosław Kaczyński resigns from a visible role to get back to what he’s best at: preparing the agitprop for the election; and finally in Italy a serious ECR leader emerges and is now in pole position to replace boomer Draghi.

The fertilizer shortage and high prices is driving domestic investment and production in Africa; South Korea is on track to severely cut dependency on China on rare earths and other connected industries and the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Kishida, turns out to be more hawkish than previously believed.

Meanwhile, in Australia the consumers are behaving like 2003 Eastern Europe (birthday parties and washing machines on expensive credit) while the Prime Minister slashed staffing for independent MPs and crossbenchers – a move which will result in a more hostile Parliament for the newly elected Labor leader.

These, and other news are discussed thoroughly in the 31st edition of the World Sofa Report – the first in the new studio, the last one before a long break and the first one with a guest. Hope y’all enjoy it.


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