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For decades, Europe’s big unaddressed problem was Germany. And it still is. And it is in fact bigger today than it was in 1990, 1999, 2009 or 2015. For Germany is now not only led by a Putinist, but also by an outright STASI sympathizer. And Germany’s taxpayer-funded media went full on Lügenpresse in the last 18 months in ways not even the sleaziest hyperpartisans on CNN or MSNBC would go.
So we dedicate ample time to Germany’s public broadcasters, to Germany’s foreign policy and to the personal past of German Putin Olaf Scholz, the new chancellor of the Federal Republic.

We also dedicate ample time to the issue of teenagers working – starting from the piece of news in Australia where the idea of lowering the driving age for forklifts to 16 was withdrawn due to mocking on social media. But was it really such a bad idea? Should society continue to “protect” older teenagers from earning an honest living?

A large segment also goes to the issue of funding agitprop by starving the Leviathan. The Left in the USA has been using Cough19 “recovery funds” meant to be used to reopen schools to hire their friends and introduce even more racist and extremist ideology in the curricula – while the schools remained closed. Non-Leftists must learn to compete for those funds.

In other news, Florida health department official is suspended following a pro-vaccine e-mail – in yet another example of how normal Florida is. In normal places, those who bring their religion to the workplace are suspended and investigated. Thou shalt not bring your dangerous cult to the workplace!

Meanwhile, the supposedly “smart” people are now trying to figure out how they missed the inflation in the USA. For the record, we got it much-much closer to reality on the Sofa than these institutions full of allegedly “smart” and “well-educated” people. In the segment we also explain how did that happen. There is no magic – just basic human nature.

In other news, China’s birthrate hits the lowest point since the existence of the People’s Republic; UAE got hit by a terrorist attack; international airliners forced US airports to drop their 5G plans; India’s new young middle class (particularly Gen Zers) is avoiding banks to buy some personal prosperity, and NZ is still playing the pandemic, ruining the socio-economic lives of hundreds of thousands of people because of a cold.

These and other news are discussed quite at length in just a bit over 6 hours. Because it takes some time to deliver the news from 12 months from now 😜


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In praise of Cheap Labour (Paul Krugman in 1997) –

Paul Krugman in 2001: “For example, could anything be worse than having children work in sweatshops? Alas, yes. In 1993, child workers in Bangladesh were found to be producing clothing for Wal-Mart, and Senator Tom Harkin proposed legislation banning imports from countries employing underage workers. The direct result was that Bangladeshi textile factories stopped employing children. But did the children go back to school? Did they return to happy homes? Not according to Oxfam, which found that the displaced child workers ended up in even worse jobs, or on the streets — and that a significant number were forced into prostitution.” –

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