Elections, but in Cyrillic – World Sofa Report – Episode 18

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Three countries have had elections since our last episode: Ethiopia (elections but in Amharic), Moldova and Bulgaria (elections, but in Cyrillic). So we discuss these at great length, particularly Moldova where we also have exclusive footage from.

In other news, Boston Pride – an LGBT-ist organization with 50 years of tradition and experience in activism – dissolved itself because it wasn’t Marxist enough. And it did so leaving plenty of “cultural revolution” or Maoist vibes. Meanwhile, the militant Marxist organization “Black Lives Matter” defends the totalitarian regime in Cuba against the people. And in Ontario, Canada mathematics is officially too racist and needs to be decolonized. You see, Mīrzā Muhammad Tāraghay bin Shāhrukh (or Ulugh Beg), one of the greatest mathematicians that ever lived, was too white and too European. Or something.

Meanwhile, the “responsible” bar-owners in France who licked the boot of the sanitary fascist regime are now suddenly finding out that they’ll be the enforcers of it and they’ll also pay for it and for the privilege of being over-taxed and intentionally impoverished in the Fifth Republic. And, quite unsurprisingly, they still can’t notice that they themselves are the problem.

In other news, lawlessness and looting reigns supreme once again in Zuid-Afrika, even the drone-working Japanese have raised the middle finger to the imbecilic policy of “teleworking” and Australia and NZ continue to be dystopian nightmares masquerading as first-world developed democracies.

Oh, and K-pop may succeed in achieving where everyone else failed. K-pop may indeed be for DPRK what Pink Floyd was for DDR 35-ish years ago. It’s a fascinating story that we explore with context and with other examples from recent history where sub-par pop culture managed to topple regimes that seemed impossible to deal with.

And, finally, the most important and capitalistic economic sector of New Zealand – agriculture – may indeed be destroyed by the current socialist-Labor administration.

These, and other news, are discussed quite thoroughly in this episode taped in Armenopolis.


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