Sweden or Gulag? You decide

As announced in the video, the Wuhan Flu panic comes with a challenge and an opportunity. And you will make the decision on which one should be followed.

Sweden or the Gulag?
181 votes · 181 answers

The arguments:

For Sweden:

  • It’s the story of the moment (regardless of how the outcome will look like)
  • It’s clearly doable (from a logistical standpoint)
  • Offers the opportunity to get the content that wasn’t possible in the previous Swedish tour (2017)
  • Offers the opportunity to get incontrovertible evidence about the Swedish approach to the Wuhan Flu. Everyone speculates – why not go and find out from the field?

Against the Coronachan Swedish Tour 2020:

  • It’s expensive. Not gigantically expensive, but enough to push the either/or approach

For sticking with the original plan:

  • It has been promised
  • Those who donated for the Gulag may not be interested in the Swedish igloo
  • While the Uzbek part of the plan is in doubt, the main point (the Gulags) is very likely doable as planned

Against sticking with the original plan

  • Flights will be more expensive
  • The theme is not timely and it can wait another year
  • Uzbekistan may not allow tourism in due time to stick with the original plan
  • More unforeseen troubles (e.g. random rules changed without notice)

The polls will be open for 5 days – until April 26th, 2020 at 23:59, Romania time (GMT+2).

While the popular vote matters, priority will be given to the donors’ vote because it is only fair for the donors to get a larger say into the final decision.

Those who wish to vote in the donors’ poll and haven’t been contacted yet, are kindly asked to use the Contact form.


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