See ya in Al-Manya

It’s been way too many years since I’ve been to Germany to the point that it is now quite literally another country than the Germany I last time visited.

So, in the interest of updating my own knowledge (which in turn will bring better analysis for y’all to consume), I’ll be spending about two weeks in Germany in May of the current year.

Since most of this trip will not be funded through donations, the details about the itinerary and the expenses will only be released on a need-to-know basis to selected persons.

If you’re in Germany and would like to meet, get on the Contact page and we’ll see what we can fix. As a geographical area – I will be in the North (and North-West and North-East, including the capital city Berlin). Make sure to include your location in the message so we can see if traveling is feasible.

In the “worst” case scenario, I get to meet a few of the Germany-based fans, get some (in)glorious footage from some of the neighborhoods we are told don’t actually exist and, very important, will get to see the Tax Museum (clarification about that in a video I’m still editing, patience please).

Anything above that will be a bonus. The “best” case scenario will be if I get to hold a seminar/lecture on practical politics and get to videotape it as well. I don’t know (for now) if that will be possible but I also don’t insist on it. Informal meetings are a lot more important as far as I am concerned.

As I said, I don’t expect to use the Network’s funds for pretty much nothing related to this trip – as it is primarily personal and for expanding my own knowledge first and foremost – but, as usual, I don’t mind some extra shekalim given that the audience will very likely benefit from this as well.

Alright, that’s it for now.

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