VOX Party shows spectacular increase in Spain

More than 99% of the votes have been counted and the new nationalist Vox Party has increased the most comparing to the previous election.

In 2016, only 47,182 people voted for Vox. Last night, 2,673,828 had voted for the so-called “far-Right” Vox Party. This translates into 24 seats in the new Congress of Deputies for the party founded in 2013.

On the other end of the spectrum, Partido Socialista Obrero Español gained the most votes (though not a majority) and, perhaps most importantly, recovered some of its lost ground. In the recent past, PSOE, the mainstream Left, had been losing votes to the far-Left – the Iranian-Islamist funded PODEMOS. It would seem that helicopterable left-wing voters have been turning back to the mainstream Left – which will get 123 seats (out of 350).

Unido PODEMOS supports the abolition of the monarchy and the withdrawal of Spain from NATO – and will get 42 seats in the new Congress.

PSOE clearly has the first shot at governing but it remains to be seen with whom shall they build the coalition. PSOE and the far-Left Podemos do not have enough seats together to form a majority. Local pundits are speculating that they’ll team up with the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and a few independents in order to avoid teaming up with the Republican Catalan Left which, although closer ideologically to both PODEMOS and PSOE – it demands Catalan independence vote in exchange for its support – an issue which indeed collapsed the previous PSOE government and triggered these snap elections.

On the Right, the biggest shock was Partido Popular (PP- the mainstream Right) who will only get 66 seats (down from 137 in the previous election). Essentially, PP was humiliated being accused, not without reason, by non-Leftist voters of all stripe of failing to effectively oppose the increasingly radical Leftist bloc.

Most of the votes lost by PP have either went to the so-called “far-Right” Vox or to the centrist Ciudadanos (Cs – The Citizens) – a political party whose ideology is unclear at best or a globalist gobbledygook at worst.

Vox Party has an interesting story, especially after it came to light that it, too, just like PODEMOS, has some Iranian money behind it, albeit by a dissident group which opposes the current regime in Tehran.

Nevertheless, the official propaganda in the Cathedral Media will run in the next few days multiple articles lamenting that a “racist, sexist, Islamophobic, bigoted… [insert leftist slur here]” has dared to be elected in the Spanish Parliament.

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