The youth have very good reasons to be angry

Well, Hell has just frozen over. The New York Times, a former newspaper, just published an article that barely scratches the surface of the crimes committed against our youth during the Pandemic Project.

The piece focuses on school closures and it leaves much to be desired, as it omits some details (such as the role of teachers’ unions and the systemic disinformation and censorship practiced by “public health”), but, even so, this is the first time when the leftist half (globally, not just in the US) is exposed more thoroughly to what we, in Team Reality, have known and explained since roughly 4 years ago.

And nowhere it is more evident that the leftist half is scared than in the comment section (which I urge you to read in its entirety so you familiarize yourself with the unreason and anti-thinking that permeates the mainstream Left).

Out of touch teacher

The comment section is choke full of limousine liberals and severely out of touch overly-paid bureaucrats – because that’s exactly what public school teachers are.

In every country – from the US, to Brazil, to Germany, to Romania and all the way to Kazakhstan – there’s the discussion that teachers are underpaid. I insist that the opposite is true. Public school teachers are way overpaid compared to the value that they deliver. And, in fact, given what the teachers’ unions did to our youth during the Pandemic Project, lowering their salaries by 50% and then freezing them at that level by decree for the next 20 years would be a good start before we start the discussion about what punishment teachers deserve for the crimes they committed.

But, since that is highly unlikely to happen (except Argentina where it is happening, mashallah!) the next best thing is preferable: The obliteration of public schools. By decree where it’s possible or by death by a thousand cuts where it isn’t possible (school choice initiatives, vouchers, homeschooling, unschooling – all are valuable tools that must be supported to the explicit detriment of public schools).

One self-aware NPC

But one comment in particular drew my attention: This one where the Pandemic Project mythology of “kids are resilient” is regurgitated, followed by a hope that the youth won’t judge them too harshly. My reaction to this is genuine laughter. Because you have to be a leftist to think that a traumatizing experience of senseless and brutal authoritarianism during the formative years will not have consequences over how those kids will eventually end up seeing those older than them.

You see, it’s not just school closures. If anything, in a lot of places, the school closures were indeed a blessing in disguise. But it’s the totality of the Pandemic Project. The mental health and the cognitive future of our youth has been intentionally harmed so that 85 year olds can live for another month or two. THAT, is fundamentally uncivilized. And always ends up badly.

The adults poured sand in skate parks to prevent kids from exercising, jailed or financially ruined young people for the crime of watching the sunset, arrested their parents for the crime of playing catch with them on an open field, when it couldn’t stop them from traveling, the adults intentionally tried to make their traveling worse – such as by banning pillows (yes, really).

And that’s just before I delve into the dystopian shithole that Australia was – a collective madness that made even the Taliban look reasonable by comparison. Australia is the only country except North Korea that refused to let its citizens leave the country. It is also the only country except North Korea in which no pandemic lawsuit was successful in court. Even in communist China some measures were struck down by the courts.

And no, it’s not a metaphor with the Taliban being reasonable. The Taliban gave asylum to an unmarried pregnant New Zealander (straight up haram in their “culture”) when her own country refused to let her come home. New Zealand is the country that arrested people for doing contraband with KFC, in case you have forgotten. And, after driving their youth crazy (in a very medical, psychiatric sense), NZ locked them up for days in a treatment that was considered inhuman even in Ceaușescu’s time.

Of course, I could go on like this for another 100,000 words and I’d still barely scratch the surface. And maybe one day I should. But in the meantime, what I’m trying to point out is that the Pandemic Project had a disproportionately negative impact on the youth. Especially those unfortunate enough to be between ages 7 and 18 during the Pandemic Project.

Given the crimes committed intentionally by adults against them, I can’t blame any young person for having zero respect for “our institutions” (whatever the fuck that means these days) or, really, for adults in general. There is no reason anyone younger than 20 to have ANY respect for any institution or for 2/3 of the adults. At least two thirds of adults enthusiastically or passively supported sacrificing the 12 year olds’ future so that 85 year olds live one or two months extra. There is no rational reason to ever forgive that.

Sure, we can ignore the problem for a while but, if we couple it with the already existent disdain for the elderly, described really well here by our Danish collaborator, the recipe for disaster is already baked in and cooking. Ignore it at your own peril. I have a clear conscience regarding the Pandemic Project. I not only said the right things, but walked the talk too. I’m still doing trips to the courthouse because of that. I regret nothing.

What to do?

A lot more needs to be written about the Evils committed against our youth during the Pandemic Project. And hopefully more will be. But an equally important topic is “and then what?”

Acknowledging the crimes is an important step. One which will be fought every step of the way by the adults at fault – because that’s how human psychology works: Nobody wants to admit he was part of Evil.

Meanwhile, all sorts of nefarious interests will, for sure, try to take advantage of the situation to further radicalize the youth in their preferred direction. In fact, this is already happening. I remember in 2020 when I was told by a “conservative” that I’m heartless because I was already working on the necessary deradicalization tools in post-pandemic and, yes, with an unapologetic bent towards my preferred policy outcomes.

But at least I’m honest about it. I make no secret that I want the youth to value freedom, much lower taxes and accountability and I want the youth to virulently despise “public health” in its totality, nearly all government bureaucrats and to presume that the experts are intentionally lying to them as a matter of routine and demand extraordinary evidence for absolutely everything an expert claims.

Other interests are less transparent about this. China for instance feeds our youth transgenderist propaganda through TikTok while it feeds its youth wholesome educational videos on DIY, relationships, healthy ways to have fun and so on. Russia uses the very real resentment over the Pandemic Project to demoralize the non-russian youth. And the response from our elites is essentially retarded.

You wonder why so many youngsters fall for russian disinformation? Well, check the mirror first. You might be at fault for it. When you call(ed) opposition to mask mandates “russian propaganda” – guess what? You just legitimized russian propaganda. This is also the work of the “wise” and oh-so-enlightened adults whom the youth, once again, is absolutely correct to disrespect.

I don’t purport to have all the answers, or even most of them. But here’s what I know: If we don’t make amends, and fast, things will get far worse.

Because while the youth have very good reasons to be angry at the world, the responses they come up with aren’t equally good.

If you are part of the 1/3 of adults who did not support the committing of Evil against the youth so that 85 year olds live a bit more, you have a duty to help with making amends.

In civilization, the old sacrifice for the youth, not the other way around.

The pushers of the Pandemic Project in the west loved to quote Japan as an example to follow. Well,… in Japan there was no mask or vaccine mandate, no lockdowns and, by the way, in Japan it is indeed customary for the old to take one for the team. Old and skilled people marched to almost certain death in 2011 to clean up the area after the Fukushima disaster – explicitly citing that it would be immoral for any more young people to be put at risk.

You are not asked to risk radiation poisoning for the youth. You are asked to do your duty to the next generation. Mentor a young person (preferably a man) in your profession. If a choice is between a young guy hurt by the Pandemic Project over a Covid Karen – always fire or purposefully disadvantage the Covid Karen in favor of the young guy. It is only moral to punish the guilty in all possible ways.

Other things you should do:

  • Talk to them. Seriously! You have no idea how lonely our youth have become. Sure, some countries are far worse than others – but the problem has gotten far worse everywhere (except Sweden) in the last 4 years.
  • Listen to them. Listen to their anger. And then judge it. Non-judgmentalism ideology has also weakened our youth. Judging it gently is what allows for growth and preparation for the real world.
  • Promote or invest in normal activities, preferably outdoors. I’m actively looking for an opportunity myself. We must bring back summer camps where they were allowed to fade away or have been shutdown by adults.
  • Speak up when the opportunity presents itself. I’m due for a meeting this week with an alderman over a youth project. He saw my virulent rationales and agrees that he and his equally old boomers have been too out of touch. Maybe nothing will come out of it. But you won’t know until you try.

This is the bare minimum you owe. First to your child(ren) and then to other youth.

Or… you can do nothing. That’s also fine. But don’t complain 10 years from now, please.

Two years ago a German teenager killed an old lady in Mediaș. He was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment a few months ago but there’s still strong resistance to discussing the motive. And that’s because the killer had been radicalized online (the real kind, not the bullshit sold by the corporate media) – a phenomenon that surged starting with 2020.

Don’t worry – you will see a lot more of these in the coming years. Coupled with random “unexplainable” suicides too. And, in larger countries, new serial killers as well. Because that’s the consequence of mass Evil committed against the youth.

But hey, what do I know? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m just a guy on a sofa that got roughly 90% of the predictions right on the Pandemic Project. I’m not an expert. Which is a good thing.

That’s it for now.

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