Republic of Moldova election coverage – the financials

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Since the response has been positive to the idea of having both Romanian and English-language coverage of the Romanian elections, at the request of the regular donors, here’s some financial and logistical details.

We will be traveling entirely by car. So that’s 1200km (Cluj-Chișinău-Cluj) just to get there. And another (at least) 500km inside the country. A very generous donor has offered to cover the trip part entirely in exchange to access to knowledge. While we are very grateful for that, we hope we can offset some of that burden.

Cost of living in Moldova is not wildly different from the one in Romania and the costs presented here are for 15 days for two people.

The currency in Moldova is the Moldovan Leu (international symbol: MDL). All expenses are expressed in USD at a rate of $1 = 18 MDL and $1 = 4,1 RON.

Nr. crt.ItemCost per day or per personTotal
3Food, coffee, et. al.$25/day/person750
4Consumables (batteries, SIM-cards)-30
5Health expenses (compliance with cough19 bs, health insurance, etc.)35/person70
6Emergency fund (in case compost hits the ventilator)-250

These represent the maximum values. For instance, if we’re lucky, health expenses and emergency expenses could be zero. But, if we’re unlucky, health expenses could be twice or thrice of the shown amount (hence the need for an emergency fund).

It is quite impossible to spend more than $1700 in two people in 15 days, but it is also unlikely that we can get away with less than $1200 considering the unavoidable expenses.

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