For the upcoming month

The time has come for the South-East Asia Communism Tour. In fact, when you’re reading this I’m already in a train somewhere between in Hungary trying to reach Budapest. Since I devised the plan for this, MÁV Start decided to become worse. But that won’t be enough to change the plans fundamentally.

Every time I do these trips, there’s trade-offs associated. Should I spend limited time editing and attempting to upload videos on the fly or is it better to hoard as much footage as humanly possible and then slowly deliver them upon return? There are arguments in favor of both practices and usually some balance between them is preferable.

This time around, however, the choice has been made for me: The Internet connection in both countries is far from ideal, the roaming fees are straight-up criminal and the local networks aren’t to be trusted with sensitive data, due to the proximity to the CCP. As such, we’ll go with the auto-pilot option for the channel and minimal communications.

Upcoming videos on the English language channel. All times of publishing are 1PM Romania time.

Tomorrow, the first episode from the new season of Beciul Propagandei comes up. The first three episodes (as well as episodes 15 and 16) of the new season are in English. After that, comes a new episode from the Central Asia Featured Series which, unfortunately, couldn’t get to finish in the original timeline. One of the reasons is explained exactly in that episode. Though, again, slower release is not tragedy.

Ce urmează pe canalul în română. Publicarea la ora 13:00

Similarly, on the Romanian channel I have scheduled content for publication. This Sunday the podcast slot will be replaced by a video on a political scandal that adds new information that the press forgot to mention, and then, in due order, episodes 4, 5 and 6 from Beciul Propagandei will be coming weekly every Thursday.

Ways of contact

Nearly all of the senior staff is busy in the next 70 days or so, therefore contact will be limited. Certainly no Telegram (I mean, you can try, but no answer will be default).

Even so, I have dedicated a ticket for periodical internal announcements and emergency comms. If my direct attention will be required and can’t be postponed, the internal IRC server is also an option.

Anything that can wait, should be forwarded via e-mail or the Contact page.

So, with that, hopefully, see y’all in a month.

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