Coronachan Sweden Tour

As a result of the Chinese Virus panic, doing the scheduled Gulag Tour in August 2020 came under question due to (primarily) the restrictions imposed by Uzbekistan. The same panic however produced the opportunity for a more timely story: The Swedish Story – as the Kingdom of Sweden outright rejected the option of placing its population under house arrest and getting the army on the streets to enforce such a sanitary dictatorship.

By a majority of 3-to-1 among the public and 2-to-1 among the donors of our operation, it has been decided that the story of Sweden is more urgent. The Gulag Tour is thus postponed. Depending on the finances available and the evolution of the politics of the Wuhan Flu panic, the Gulag Tour will either take place in the summer of 2021 or, if all goes well (including financially) slightly later in 2020.

How, with what money and when

The Coronachan Sweden Tour 2020 will take place in June and will last at least 11 days – with a possibility of going longer if the story turns out more interesting than thought and if the finances allow.


On the finances aspect, we expect to spend between $3000 and $4500 – depending on how the team will look like (we expect to go in a team of two, but three is on the table as well). Unfortunately, Sweden is not a cheap country. Our friends in Sweden will help with some lodging and also hotels in Sweden have gotten cheaper than usual. But transport remains very expensive in the Kingdom.

Including the roundtrip flight, we expect to spend at least $1800 on transport alone. Roundtrip flight for one person has already been booked as of June 4, 2020.

Food in June is usually cheaper in Sweden but, even so, it is still more expensive than continental Europe. At least 20% more expensive (and sometimes 100% more on some items). We expect to spend at least $400 on food alone and an additional $200 on coffee (there’s no way one can find coffee cheaper than 20kr ($2) unless one is really lucky).

Topics sought after

Given that it’s an ongoing story and the tour is put together on a fast-forward basis – it is not possible to anticipate all of the aspects that will end up being covered. However, we seek:

  • Interview(s) with doctors, economists and journalists on both sides of the debate (Sweden maintains an active debate, unlike most of Europe)
  • Lots of footage of daily life in Sweden to be then compared and analyzed with other countries that wrecked their economies and social lives by State fiat
  • According to various stories circulating online, the Wuhan Virus appears to be affecting immigrant communities more. We do intend to visit those communities and fact-check as many claims as possible.
  • In the previous Swedish Tour (2017) some aspects of a certain religion of special needs in Sweden remained uncovered (due to lack of time). If funding will allow, we shall also visit the city of Malmö as well as several dissidents in the country so we can finally deliver on that promise as well.

Additionally, we shall also try to be present to as many events as possible dedicated either to midsummer or to politics. We don’t know (and can’t know right now) what we’ll find there. But if the events will take place as usual, the footage captured will also disprove several legends peddled by panicards and paid shills during the Wuhan Flu panic.

Other aspects

We will travel primarily by train inside the country (in order to cut the costs). We expect to spend time in Stockholm and Göteborg primarily. Once again, if funding allows, we should also proceed to Malmö.

How can you help

  • If you live in Sweden, use the Contact form (or other methods to contact our Network). Primarily we need more contacts in the country (doctors, non-SD politicians, etc.). Ideally, you should contact us before June 10, 2020 so we can have enough time to set something up.
  • News for pre-briefing. Anything in the last 3 months that you believe is relevant from Sweden (preferably in Swedish and local reporting) – please make sure to forward it to us. We already have an archive of roughly 5000 stories we are going through so we can be as best informed as possible at touchdown time. But even so, we might still miss some things. So if you saw something relevant, do not hesitate to send it to us. Better to have duplicate stories than have a facet not fully covered. What constitutes “relevant” is up to you but we’re looking particularly at stories concerning the evolution of the healthcare system in Sweden, the evolution of public opinion concerning SARS-CoV-2, the mood of the political class, the way the propaganda is/was distributed and, of course, the way dissidents work(ed).
  • Financial support. As said earlier, Sweden is an expensive country so every dollar helps. Head over to the Donate page.

So… with that said… See y’all in Sweden!