Donors’ Circle

The financial donors are the unsung heroes of most of our activities. Whether we like it or not, enthusiasm, volunteers and knowledge doesn’t pay the bills. Money does!

Hosting, equipment, travel, lawsuits, legal expertise and so on, all essential to our work, cost money.

Our activities and involvement(s) grew with and thanks to the donors. From just 5 enthusiasts giving between $1 and $10/month in 2015, to quite a bit more now in 2024. As the sheer size of our network grows, the need for an organizational structure also grows.

We prefer a conservative evolution of the structure – in which only the top strategic decisions are made in a strong hierarchical way, while everything else is not riddled with procedures, micromanagement and other unfun characteristics of, sadly, too many civic organizations.

What is the Donors’ Circle

The DC is the body where most donors gather to:

  • Decide (including with their wallets) on projects that involve spending beyond the usual operations such as: a trip to cover an event; replacing a non-urgent piece of equipment or any other unplanned action
  • Have a say in some strategic decisions – including tweaks in messaging, expansion of features, viability of a politician, community management, etc.
  • Get access to a lot of archive material that can’t easily be published
  • Get questions answered relatively fast from our most competent members
  • Get access to the DC exclusive features
  • Get access to exclusive content and stories

Access to the Donors’ Circle

As of right now, the DC gathers exclusively on Telegram, as per the decision of the Donors’ Circle itself. So the conditions to be part of the DC are as follows:

  • Have a Telegram account
  • Be a confirmed donor of at least $110/year [500RON for 2024]
  • Be an individual of good character or without a record with us

The conditions have to be met simultaneously. Some exceptions shall be made for individuals of extraordinary abilities or who have done a great service to our causes in some exceptional way. The second condition will be enforced, where it applies.

Note: You cannot “buy your way in”. Some donors are also part of other decision-making bodies of FAN, but most aren’t. Also, the third condition is also rigorously enforced. If you have a history of nagging or harassment of any kind, your application will be denied. If we stopped responding to you in the past, you don’t get to buy some of our attention.

If you meet all the three conditions and you haven’t already been invited in the DC (for those who subscribe to us via Patreon and Subscribestar – just see the first post there) – send us an e-mail or approach us via Telegram and we’ll deal with the issue.

Participation in the DC is strictly voluntary and it is a privilege, not a right.